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Painting and Wallpapering Specialists

Finding the right paint or wallpaper specialist for your project can be a frustrating process. Which company will complete work on time or leave things neat for you while it’s in progress? If everything looks great when it’s done, how can you be sure that it will hold up over time? Over the years we have served thousands of clients in the greater Richmond area, taking note of the challenges, requests, and desires along the way.  
There is essentially no situation or request that we haven’t tackled before. More importantly, there isn’t a situation or request that we haven’t solved and perfected. We believe that is what makes H.J. Holtz & Son different from all other painting, papering, and decorative finishes companies. Because we’ve developed and continually refined our practices, literally over generations, we get the job right the first time – even the tough ones.
 What You Can Expect From H.J. Holtz & Son 
A cost-effective solution. We train, retain and employ our staff (they’re not contractors) so we have confidence in both the efficiency and the quality of their work. Getting the job done right the first time keeps our costs down (as does the fact that we get most of our clients via referral).

Great communication. Project supervisors ensure that everyone on the team is in sync with the plan and any requests you have.
Unmatched quality and durability. We continually invest in training and equipment so we use the right products and techniques for every job. It’s not unusual for one of our interior painting jobs to still look great even 20 years later!

Interior Painting

For an elegant look that is also durable, it’s important to have your walls thoroughly prepared and for your painter to use high-quality paints. We tackle all types of interior projects from walls to trim, to wall repair. Service features:

  • Careful removal and replacement of furniture, with your permission
  • Thorough surface preparation, including wallpaper removal, sheetrock repairs and sanding with dustless sanders
  • Additional sanding between coats for glossy surfaces
  • Premium paints and meticulous workmanship

Exterior Painting

In order to provide a beautiful, long-lasting exterior, painting is only one half of our effort! That’s right, for every hour of painting, we spend about that much time just preparing your exterior. Service features:

  • Power washing to remove dirt and mildew
  • Scrape and sand loose caulk, putty and paint while keeping debris contained. We follow EPA lead rules when working on homes built prior to 1978
  • Careful application of masking, caulk, putty and primer to ensure flawless look and adhesion
  • Premium paints and meticulous workmanship
  • Optional ongoing maintenance plan

Wallpaper Hanging

The talent of our paper hanging team is truly second to none. We have experience in hanging any type of wallpaper, from pre-pasted, pre-trimmed to hand-painted scenic. Service features:

  • Careful removal of existing paper to ensure a clean wall
  • Prepare walls not only quality installation, but to make future removal easier
  • Caulk and touch up woodwork as necessary
  • Decorative freedom to use English papers, Grasscloth, Raffia, Foils, Mylars, Metallics, Bamboo, Coated Fabric, Hand-painted Scenics and Graphics
  • Hand trim as necessary and even paper electrical plates and HVAC grilles when requested
  • National Guild of Professional Paperhangers member

Decorative & Specialty Finishes

In order to offer unmatched convenience to our clients, we employ artists to help our clients design and execute their vision. It’s all available under the H.J. Holtz & Son roof! Service features:

  • From large murals surfaces, to small details, we can do it
  • A variety of techniques including: glazing, stencils, stripes and chevrons, marbleizing, gold leafing, venetian plaster, custom murals
  • Custom samples of the artwork so you know how it will look before the project starts
  • The same thorough wall preparation as all of our interior projects
  • Lacquered or High Gloss Finishes – we are the only “certified professional painter” in Central Virginia that applies Fine Paints of Europe lacquer-like finishes.

Furniture & Cabinetry

A natural extension for our painting team has been to develop the unique talent for painting furniture and cabinetry. This could be the added design touch your home needs. Service features:

  • We can pick up, or you can drop off at our shop
  • Furniture is first prepared based upon its condition and the intended result
  • Large spray booth allows complete control of the finish
  • Multiple coats of finish paint, with sanding in between
  • Special finishes available to match almost any style desired – finished look, distressed… just let us know what you would like to achieve


 Our team of artists will help you design and execute your decorative vision. From epoxy concrete floors to hand stenciled hardwood floors, we can deliver the look you want. Service features:

  • Let us either execute your vision, or help you develop a unique design
  • Careful removal and replacement of furniture, with your permission
  • Thorough sanding and preparation to ensure beautiful, long-lasting result
  • Painstaking patter layout using tape and lasers to ensure accurate pattern
  • Paint or stain either wood or concrete surfaces
  • Only the most durable stains, paints and clear polyurethane products

H.J. Holtz & Son is a leading paint and wallpaper specialist located in Richmond, VA. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and exquisite craftsmanship. Feel free to contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your project.


About H.J. Holtz and Son

H.J. Holtz & Son, Inc. was founded by my grandfather, Herman J. Holtz, in 1936. Over the years the company has grown to become a full-service painting, decorative finishes, and wallpaper contractor. But our growth is not as important as how we do what we do.

Because we’ve been in business so long, we’ve been able to orient everything about how we operate around providing high-quality service to our clients.

What do I mean?

As we gained experience with homeowners we began to see the same problems or challenges come up repeatedly. For many of these problems, simply applying paint was not a sufficient solution. Here are just a few of the challenges that we have come to understand over the years and to develop ways to overcome:

Design limits – by hiring and training talented people, we’ve developed unmatched expertise in wallpapering, decorative finishes, and creative applications of paint to offer our clients greater design freedom.

Imperfect structures and walls – houses settle or have unusual characteristics. We’ve practically become “wall whisperers” over time given our ability to figure out tricky situations and direct the work of other contractors to reach a result that otherwise seemed impossible.
Timing and budget – our project management process has evolved during our history to become one of our most valuable company assets. Our clients not only want a “wow” result, they want it delivered on time and on budget… so that is what we do!

Trust and comfort – having a company come into your home to work for days or even weeks is an inconvenience. That inconvenience is made much easier with the right people. At H.J. Holtz & Son, we hire enjoyable people and train them to not only develop into true craftsmen, but to provide excellent customer service.

Paint jobs that don’t last – as we have perfected our practices and stayed abreast of the latest in paint and application technologies, our clients have enjoyed greater and greater longevity from the work we do. It’s not uncommon for one of our projects to still look great 20 years later. Our partners have a lot to do with that.

Sure, it’s satisfying to have grown into a full-service painting, faux finish, and wallpaper contractor. But it’s truly rewarding to see that how we do what we do has helped our clients solve frustrating problems and enjoy their homes more completely.

From all of us at H.J. Holtz & Son Painting, Papering and Decorative Finishes, I invite you to browse our project gallery for inspiration, or contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Thank you for stopping by.
Rick Holtz

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2016 Symphony House

Wall Papered Bedroom with Venetian Plaster Ceiling photo

This week Pineapple Acre in Ginter Park opens to the public.  Welcoming you into the home is the red high gloss door we painted using Fine Paints of Europe. Pineapple Acre is this year’s Designer House for the Richmond Symphony.  Every other year since 1984, The Richmond Symphony League sponsors a Designer House to raise money for the Richmond Symphony.

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National Attention for Business and Painting Excellence


H.J. Holtz & Son President speaks at national convention while the company’s work is featured on the cover of House Beautiful RICHMOND, VA (September 6, 2016) - Richmond's leading painting company, H.J Holtz & Son, has had a banner summer. In July the company’s President, Rick Holtz, presented at the National Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) Residential Forum

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Painted Brick Home in Richmond

Painted Brick Home

The transformation of this home was so complete that a few photos just didn't do it justice. The gray exterior (Benjamin Moore's Squirrel Tail 1476) and the bright white trim (Sherwin Williams Extra White) resulted in a dramatic improvement in curb appeal.

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The options for painting or papering your home are perhaps overwhelming. Our expertise spans interior and exterior painting, murals, wallpaper, specialty finishes, and even painting floors and furniture. While we have become the “go-to” company for Richmond’s top interior designers because of our wide-ranging expertise, there is nothing we value more than meeting with a homeowner to discuss his or her ideas and wishes.

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