If you have small rooms in your home, you may feel that the space is cramped and limited. But, there are creative ways that you can make a small space feel large. It all lies in the types of furniture you select, the colors you bring in and the lighting you apply. With a few clever tricks, you can fool yourself and your visitors into thinking your rooms are much larger than they are!

Let’s get started.

1. Opt for Light Colors

Light and brightly colored walls are reflective and make a space feel open and airy. Dark colors, on the other hand, absorb light and make rooms feel smaller. The best colors to choose include shades of white, cream, light greens or icy blues. Another smart trick is to paint your trim and moldings a lighter color than the walls. This fools the eyes into thinking that the wall is set further back and makes the room appear larger.

2. Utilize Natural Light

If you have access to natural light in your space, take advantage of it. Open windows and curtains and let the sunshine in – don’t worry about the dust! Natural sunlight has a way of brightening up a space and making it feel bright and open. If you have window treatments, opt for sheer curtains instead of dark, heavy ones. And, if the room doesn’t have a lot of windows, choose bright lights to achieve the same effect.

3. Be Smart About Arranging Furniture

Always place the largest pieces of furniture against walls so that you leave the middle of the room open. When possible, choose multi-purpose furniture such as armoires, coffee tables with shelves or ottomans that are both functional and beautiful. Wicker baskets are perfect for kid and pet toys, magazines or other clutter, and they don’t look out of place when pushed under a table or in a corner. Glass tables can also help in exposing more free space.

4. Less is More on the Walls

Having groups of small paintings can make a room feel cluttered. Instead, keep the walls open by choosing one or two large paintings instead. Mirrors can also be helpful in this respect since they give the illusion of depth and reflect natural and artificial light.

5. Clear the Clutter

Finally, do yourself a favor and de-clutter your space. This will make it feel larger, and help you to feel more organized. Decor is a lovely way to bring in color, style and character, but you don’t need to overwhelm your space. A few vases, picture frames or candles is all that is needed to bring your space together. Ditching an area rug and leaving the floor open also gives the illusion of more space.