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Maintaining the Exterior of Your Home

Your home is important because it is your place to sleep, your place to eat, and your place to create memories. It is the first thing people see and it represents you.   Maintaining the exterior of your home keeps your house healthy. Paint forms a protective surface on the exterior of your home, safeguarding the underlying […]


Floor Design Collaboration Creates Magical Transformation

Collaborating with designers is an important and wonderful way for us to work together to help clients visualize and achieve their goals. On the project below we collaborated with local designers Nan McVey and Margaret Valentine of McVey-Valentine Interior Design to create a gorgeous, refreshed foyer without lifting a hammer or destroying a wall. Nan […]


Scenic Painting Ideas for the Home

Scenic painting is a naturalist style of painting that includes detailed scenes of landscapes such as meadows, farmland, sunny skies and bodies of water. Usually, the painting will capture one particular scene and everything in it like an abandoned farmhouse or wildlife. Scenic paintings are not hard to find. People have hung pictures like these […]

Spring Cleaning and Organizing Tips from the Pros

The temperatures are getting warmer, the sun is making more of an appearance and the thought of long days by the pool are becoming more of a reality. Spring is here, and most of us couldn’t be more excited. This time of the year is when people have an inner drive to clean out the […]