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Restore Your Furniture with the Faux Bois Paint Technique

Faux bois is the French term for ‘false wood.’ The faux bois paint technique is used on old painted furniture or painted woodwork, and it mimics the look of real wood. This technique is absolutely perfect if you want to update your current furniture with a more rustic, earthy wood grain without having to run […]

Fall Decorating Tips

Fall is in the air! This is one of our favorite times of the year because the weather is at its best yet everyone is making the transition back to home. In the summer we tend to spend more time outdoors, traveling and attending summer barbecues, but in the fall, we’re found baking apple pies, […]

Types of Decorative Paint Finishes

Painting is more than just color. Using a variety of decorative paint finishes, you can have your walls transformed to look like fine linen or a sandy beach. H.J. Holtz and Son has experienced painting crews that are familiar with all types of decorative paint finishes. Check out some of the methods that are available […]

Wallpaper vs. Paint? How Do I Choose?

One of the first questions that we’re asked by customers is which form of wall transformation is better: paint vs. wallpaper?   The exciting part is that the walls of your home can be completely transfigured with the help of paint or wallpaper. You can easily make a room feel bigger and brighter with a […]

5 Ways to Make a Small Space Seem Large

If you have small rooms in your home, you may feel that the space is cramped and limited. But, there are creative ways that you can make a small space feel large. It all lies in the types of furniture you select, the colors you bring in and the lighting you apply. With a few […]