Rick Holtz wants to hear from people.

Certainly, as president of H.J. Holtz & Son, Holtz cares about what customers need. But what he really wants everyone to understand is that their contact with the company doesn’t end after the job is finished.

“We want to build relationships,” Holtz says. “In our industry, anybody can be a painter, but we are committed to this industry; we are committed to our clients.”

Holtz’s project bids for exterior house painting now include after-the-fact service, so customers can call if they have additional concerns or see something they didn’t expect, like areas of peeling or bubbling paint. Identifying these areas in a timely fashion is important, he notes, because they can indicate wood decay, gutter or even roof problems.

“It’s about protecting your investment,” he says. “This is a cost-effective way of staying ahead of problems.”

With a carpentry department, Holtz & Son can easily address many of the most common exterior home issues, such as wood rot. The company strives to maintain a stable base of committed, trained employees, which helps to ensure consistency of approach. Returning customers also receive certain scheduling privileges. If the situation requires attention the company can’t offer, Holtz notes, the company’s partnerships with a variety of paint suppliers, designers and support companies provide a network of other trustworthy professionals as well as access to the most up-to-date techniques and industry developments.

For basic exterior maintenance, Holtz recommends an annual checklist:

  • A free visual inspection for existing customers, scheduled by Holtz, to identify potential issues.
  • Maintenance washing to remove dirt and mildew, which is paid for by customers. A Holtz employee may conduct a post-wash inspection if the cleaning reveals an issue.
  • Address any peeling paint, deteriorated window glazing, and cracked or missing caulking (at no charge, if within 3 years of painting by H.J. Holtz & Son and if not related to roof leaks, overflowing gutters, or other lack of maintenance).
  • Checking for wood rot/loose boards, with an estimate provided for necessary repairs.

In the end, the point is to keep the conversation alive. Holtz believes relationships start the first time a homeowner contacts the company and continue throughout the active phases of the project with a dedicated project manager…and beyond.

“We’ve not been in business for 85 years by being attentive to our interests,” he says. “We are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction with our performance.

“We have built this company upon developing clients who trust how we care for their most valued investment. When you hire us, this is what you are getting.”