High-quality Carpentry Work Makes Paint And Wallpaper Look Great

Our deep “bench” of craftsmen at H.J. Holtz & Son includes master carpenters. Taking care of what lies beneath new wallpapering or painting adds years to the durability of a project. Meticulous preparation of the walls or surfaces being restored is mandatory. Sometimes thorough preparation requires carpentry.
No amount of paint or paper will conceal a fundamental flaw underneath. Take for example that corner of a room where the tiniest gap peeks out from where crown molding is not perfectly mitered. Everybody tells you don’t worry about it, nobody sees it. But you see it every time you walk into the room and it bothers the heck out of you. Rest assured, on our first inspection of the room we’ll spot it and it will bother us too.

Custom carpenter near me
Custom carpenter near me

Interior Carpentry

Before we paint a room, we thoroughly prepare all surfaces which can involve sheetrock repair, sanding and additional attention to detail. In some cases, like that irritating miter crack, our carpenters will need to re-cut to make a seamless joint.

We repair rotted wood, trim sill and window frames. If we believe crown moldings or wainscoting will give a luxurious finish to a room, we’ll point that out in our initial discussions. Want more daylight or a wider view of the Virginia hills rolling outside your home? We can frame it with a new bay window.

Exterior Carpentry

Long before we open a can of paint, our project supervisor examines the outside of your home and the setting around it. Particular attention is paid to where our carpenters need to repair eaves and soffits, column bases, patch up screens on the porch or shore up a picket fence. A tired deck will look exhausted after new paint is applied to the house around it. Our carpenters can repair or replace the deck’s damaged wood.

Whatever the carpentry issue, from as simple as sprucing up the trellis in the garden to covering a den wall with a floor to ceiling bookcase, H.J. Holtz & Son has the resources to make your home new, again. Just think, now you can call that den a library.

Custom carpenter near me

Our Common Carpentry Projects

  • Window sills and siding
  • Replace rotted trim
  • Replacement windows and doors
  • Rescreen doors and porches
  • Porch Beams
  • Picket fences
  • Column bases
  • Crown moulding and baseboards
  • Wainscoting and wall-mounted picture moulding
  • Drywall & plaster repair
  • We even hang pictures
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