Often our clients are looking for ceiling paint ideas (or even ceiling wallpaper ideas as you’ll see later in this post). To designers, the ceiling is often referred to as the “fifth wall.” The ceiling is just as important as any other wall in your room and it has real potential. Think of it like a blank canvas. Decorating your ceiling can help you elevate a simple room to a masterful design.

Ceiling Paint Ideas:

Idea #1: Paint your ceiling a color. There are some wall color options out there that just don’t look great with bright, white ceilings. Choose your ceiling paint color based on the shades that are already in the room. Many of our customers use the Fine Paints of Europe Brilliant finish because it is a high gloss which gives the ceiling depth and reflects the other colors in the room.

The accent colored ceiling in this room highlights the beautiful dentil moulding, the textured wallpapered panels and chandelier. The accent colored ceiling accentuates all of the details of the room.

Idea #2: Minimal color contrast. You can make a small room feel larger by keeping minimal color contrast between the walls and ceiling. This will allow people’s eyes to travel upward creating a flow to the room.

Idea #3: A mural or stencil can be designed for your ceiling. Stenciling or adding a mural will add interest to your room. You can use any pattern and color you want to create a design on the ceiling. These techniques can be used throughout the whole ceiling, around perimeter of the ceiling or just surrounding a light fixture.

Idea #4: You can also wallpaper a ceiling. The petite design of this wallpaper adds texture and a visual interest to the room. Plus it achieves balance between the ceiling and the faux distressed wood walls.


Idea #5: Install beadboard on your ceiling. Note how this adds lots of character and architecture to the room below. If you can incorporate stain into your design you will be adding warmth to your room as well as making a large room feel more inviting.