Although the official kickoff to spring will be here before you know it, most areas aren’t showing many signs of the season just yet. In fact, it has been a relatively cold and gray month here in Virginia, and this weather may be prompting you to spend extra time indoors. As we enjoy the last few weeks of winter, let’s talk about some cozy decorating ideas that will make you feel right at home!

Adorn the Space with Blankets, Pillows and Throws

The nice thing about being cozy is that you can also be a bit messy. Not sure what we mean? In the spring and summer months, the home needs to be brighter and cleaner, so one of the first steps is removing pillows, throws, blankets, etc. from couches and chairs. In the fall and winter, however, the home can be dressed up with these same items. Not only do pillows and throws make the home look warmer, but also they are functional. Who wouldn’t want to curl up with a book and warm, cozy blanket on a cold night?

Incorporate Low Lighting and Pillar Candles

One of the simplest ways to bring a cozy feeling to the home is to turn down the lighting. If you have dimmer switches, keep the lighting low, or use layers of light to keep some areas in the home more intimate. Light pillar candles and arrange them on your mantle or countertops for instant coziness. You can also accompany the low lighting with essential oils or scented candles.

Arrange Furniture Strategically

One of the elements of being cozy is being close to others. Angle furniture so that it faces each other and facilitates togetherness. For instance, position two arm chairs toward a sofa and complete the look with a coffee table, low lighting and pillows and throw blankets. Don’t have arm chairs? Consider bringing in chairs from a kitchen or dining table instead. This can free up room around your kitchen table, or you could refinish a couple of old chairs from a secondhand shop.

Give Guests What They Need

It’s hard to get cozy when you have to constantly get up to get things. To finish off a cozy interior, make sure that you strategically place everything that is needed right there in your spot. For instance, if you want a snuggly family room, place table or floor lamps near the couches and chairs, offer magazines and books on the coffee table and keep blankets handy in wicker baskets. Draw the curtains so the sun doesn’t create glares, and give your guests some eye candy in the form of fresh seasonal flowers, photographs from your family or decorative items that hold meaning.

Bring in the Warmth

An additional way to make the home warmer is by bringing in the right colors. Repainting the walls with a warm color such as brown or yellow is an excellent option, especially because these hues work well through all seasons. Or, consider refinishing some of your furniture through refurbishing or repainting techniques that can transform both color and grain patterns. Count on H.J. Holtz and Son to help refresh your home with the best painting applications.