The H.J. Holtz & Son decorative arts team is excited to try something new.

At last fall’s International Decorative Artists League (IDAL) convention, the team – Brian Smith, Logan Porter, and Eli Smith – attended a full-day class on Diamond Coat, an epoxy resin surface that can be used for countertops, flooring, and even walls.

While the technology has been available for a few years, its appeal to homeowners is on the rise, because of its aesthetic appeal and durability.

“It’s super trendy,” Brian Smith says.

The class was important, all agree, because of the technical aspects of applying the resin. First, a base coat color is selected. To that, metallic colors and even mica flakes are added to create the desired effect, which can be as classic as marbling or as intricate as the rippling colors of a creek bed. The mixture is then heated to a specific temperature range and applied quickly, before it hardens.

During the day-long training, each member of the team created several test panels, experimenting with color and material combinations, and learning the best way to apply the resin to ensure an even surface.

“You have to stay on your feet,” Brian Smith says.

Eli Smith adds: “You have to mix it right and pour it fast; it’s really quick.”

According to the company website, Diamond Coat is five times harder than concrete, 100 percent non-toxic, and has zero volatile organic content (VOC). Additionally, the resin is poured over top of existing surfaces, so demolition isn’t necessary, and can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

“People don’t like dust in their homes,” Brian Smith notes. “We can skip all that with this. It’s a fast installation, and it’s ready in 24 hours.”

As a follow up to the decorative artists’ team training, Holtz & Son is seeking to become an approved installer for Diamond Coat, which signals to clients that the team has the expertise necessary for a quick and successful installation.

Brian Smith says the team appreciates the opportunity to learn new skills at professional events.

“It’s nice that Rick [Holtz, company president] is willing to send us out to these meetings,” he says. “It really reinforces our team.”