Summer is often believed to be the best time to paint the exterior of a home because Virginia weather is warm, bright and sunny. While temperature and sunshine play a large part in how well the finished product will come out, it’s also possible that too much warmth and sun can have an adverse effect. Just think of how humid some of our days can be!

Summer is a great time to have your home painted, but if you missed the deadline, early fall is a great time to give your home this much deserving update. Fall has some of the most beautiful weather here in Richmond, as much of our temperatures fall around the 70s and 80s.

Temperature and Moisture

The two factors that determine your painting season include temperature and moisture. Paint manufacturers typically recommend that the outside weather be at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but some paints will do fine in temperatures as low as 35 degrees. Paints have improved dramatically over the years, but always check with the manufacturer for their specific recommendations.

When considering temperatures, fall can be a better time to paint because the weather isn’t so hot, sticky and humid. Just as exterior paint wouldn’t appreciate being applied in 20 degree weather, neither would it in 105 degree weather. In the fall, temperatures are more stable and less humid. This makes early fall a prime time to get that new coat of paint on the home.

Moisture is another consideration, and it does get rainy during the fall. But, it’s often no more rainy during this season than it is in the summer. Paint needs to be applied to a dry surface and it can become wet from humidity, rain or snow. After a hard rain, wait at least one day so that the surface is dry. Also account for early morning dew that could add indirect moisture to the surface.

Schedule Your Exterior Paint Job Today!

Here in Virginia, our winters are fairly mild, so it offers homeowners a longer painting period. The biggest factor to keep in consideration is the rain that we can get from severe storms. By hiring a knowledgeable company, you can work together to pick the best day for your project. Come spring, your home will be ready for freshly planted flowers and shrubs!

Before the seasons change, get a quote from H.J. Holtz for an exterior paint job. You’ll be glad you did!