As you look around your home, you realize that it is time for your walls to be repainted. Or you would you like to add wallpaper to your powder room. Or perhaps truly transform a room by painting the cabinets instead of replacing them. Maybe you want a graphic design painted on your floor? However the last thing you want to do is move furniture, live with disruption and have painting crews coming in and out of your home. After all, life is busy enough! Don’t you sometimes wish that you could go on vacation and have everything finished when you get back? Well, you can! Let H.J. Holtz & Son take care of painting while you’re on vacation.

Here is what one client had to say about the importance of this convenience:


We lead very busy lives with multiple homes and the ability to travel frequently. Taking time out for home maintenance repairs sometimes gets in the way. H J Holtz and Son offers the option of doing any job for us while we are away whether it is painting, wallpapering or simple construction jobs. They are a family owned, operated and run company that takes pride in personal attention to all of its clients. Their attention to detail even includes taking pictures of the space and being able to return the furniture and decorative items to their correct position after they make sure the space is as clean as it was before the job began.
Mrs. Eska B.


At H.J. Holtz & Son, we offer our services to our customers and paint while you’re away. This way, you can come home from vacation to a freshly painted home without having to deal with any of the mess! Our crews will handle the project from start to finish: remove clothes and clutter from closets, uninstall window treatments, pile up books from bookshelves, move furniture and wall hangings and more. Of course, we put everything back in order when we’re done.

Also, our crews will bring in the mail and let approved trades come and perform maintenance, as long as we know ahead of time. This way, cleaning services, pest control services and gardeners have access to your home and provide their services too.

Imagine all the benefits to having your home painted while on vacation:

  • Efficient – Since you’ll be away, our crews don’t have to make your home re-livable every evening. We can leave things the way they are and continue the next day, making things faster and more efficient.
  • No Headache – Trying to manage your day-to-day life around furniture, painting crews and emptied out closets and shelves is stressful. Since you’ll be on vacation, you can skip this stress – and the mess!
  • Less Dust – Moving furniture, emptying out bookcases and taking down wall hangings creates a lot of dust. With our vacation-friendly painting service, everything will be cleaned and restored by the time you get home.
  • Less Odor – Even though most paint products are low odor, the smell can still be noticeable. By the time you get home from your getaway, the paint odor will be gone!
  • Exciting – Coming home to a freshly painted home will be the perfect end to your fun- filled vacation. And, it will definitely give you something to look forward to when flying/driving back!

You deserve a break, and we’re prepared to give you one. You can count on H.J. Holtz to deliver the highest quality work and honest, dependable home improvements. None of our services are outsourced, so it will be only our employees that will come into your home.

It’s a triple win — a major item on your home maintenance to-do list gets accomplished, you and your family get to take that vacation without feeling guilty, and your home remains occupied and busy during the day, concealing the fact that you are away. Book our services today so it all gets done while you’re away!