Your home is important because it is your place to sleep, your place to eat, and your place to create memories. It is the first thing people see and it represents you.   Maintaining the exterior of your home keeps your house healthy. Paint forms a protective surface on the exterior of your home, safeguarding the underlying materials from weather and moisture. H.J. Holtz & Son can help you keep your home in tip top shape. Below are examples of what we address when we paint the exterior of a home.


This picture shows cracking and flaking.  When dry paint splits the top coat, it will lead to the failure of the paint. We need to remove all of the damaged paint by scraping and sanding. Then by adding a quality primer and paint, the exterior will be protected.

Cracking and Flaking Paint Image

Peeling is when paint lifts from the surface because of poor adhesion. We prepare the surface by scraping off all of the loose paint. Then we always spot prime bare areas to seal the wood which promotes adhesion for the top coats of paint.

Peeling Paint Image

Wood rot is extremely destructive to your home. This is when moisture gets absorbed by the wood. We remove all of the wood rot and repair with a two part epoxy. If the area is too large, the damaged area will be replaced with wood, PVC or another non wood composite material.  Then we will sand, caulk and use a quality primer and paint.

Wood Rot Image

Alligatoring is another thing paint does when it ages. When the topcoats expands and contracts the brittle old paint underneath cracks and lets go of the substrate and it causes cracking and peeling. We sand the surface and use a quality primer to fix the surface.

Alligatoring Paint Image

There are many other exterior problems to look for on your home’s exterior including:


Blistering – on painted exterior walls

Rusting – nail heads and iron fences

Paint Incompatibility – too many layers of different types of paints used over the years

Chalking – when paint decomposes and becomes a loose fine powder

Dirt – dust and debris adhere to the paint film

Fading – premature color discoloration

Mildew and Mold – living organisms that grow and spread


With the proper care, repair, preparation and products, H.J. Holtz & Son can extend the life of your exterior paint, making your home a visually and structurally sound place to live. Call us today for a free estimate so we can help keep your house in the best shape possible!