If you cringe at the idea of getting rid of something that is perfectly useful, but desperately want to update your existing furniture or cabinets, you are not alone. More so than ever savvy homeowners are having their cake and eating it too — painting these items to give them new life and/or adapt to an updated decor.

existing furniture or cabinetsexisting furniture or cabinetsexisting furniture or cabinets

existing furniture or cabinetsexisting furniture or cabinetsexisting furniture or cabinets

It’s certainly possible to tackle such a project yourself. But if it’s a challenge to get a durable, great looking result for your walls, it’s twice the challenge with furniture and cabinets. We undertake more surface preparation steps, use special paints, and often sand surfaces in between multiple coats — all to ensure a great-looking, durable result. After all, most of these pieces will be touched, sat on, or moved more than any wall ever was.

While we’ve been painting furniture and cabinets for years, we have been working on these kinds of projects even more often in recent months. A portion of the fixed cabinet work must be done in our clients’ homes, but furniture that we can remove and and cabinet doors are best handled in a spray booth like we have at our location.

In order to keep up with demand, we recently installed an additional state-of-the-art spray booth — doubling our capacity. This will allow us to handle more clients as well as complete large client projects faster. Have multiple pieces of furniture or a lot of cabinet doors? We will be able to prepare and paint more pieces in parallel.

If you’ve been considering purchasing new furniture or cabinets, but hate the idea of tossing something that still has a lot of life, let us take a look. We’ll give you an honest assessment of what’s possible and even be able to show you some examples at our studio. For more information about furniture and cabinet painting, follow the link to that page on our website, or give us a call at (804) 358-4109.