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On the advice of friends, Travis Gibson came to H. J. Holtz & Son in fall 2010.

Those friends have since moved on to other jobs, but 10 years later, Gibson is still with Holtz & Son, now as a member of the management team. He began as a painter and rose through the ranks as foreman and project manager to his current job as painting estimator.

“I was a good painter, but I wanted more responsibility, which is what pushed me to get to the next level,” Gibson says. “I just wanted to keep pushing myself and moving up as I could.”

Gibson, who had learned the craft of painting by working with his father, was drawn to Holtz & Son because of its stability. “It wasn’t an overnight painting company,” he says. “It’s family-oriented, and [the owners] really care about the employees and the finished product. I wanted to be doing work I could be proud of.”

Additionally, it’s a real plus for team members that they are able to seek other opportunities within the company, Gibson says. “When a position opens, you’re always welcome to mention it to Rick [Holtz, company president],” he says. “There are lots of different options to find where you’re most comfortable and where you can excel at your job; some people are comfortable where they are.”

Gibson says he enjoys being a painting estimator because he gets to meet clients at the beginning of the process to talk through how the Holtz team will get the job done.

“I have experience as a painter and can give [clients] honest information and feedback on what to expect,” he says. “I’m up front and honest from the beginning, letting them know about situations that can happen. We’ll communicate along the way. We always try to contain the unexpected.”

The same care is shown with one another in the office, Gibson says.

“Sure, there can be some challenges, but everybody pushes through and looks for the best possible outcome in each scenario,” he says. “There is definitely a family vibe, which is one of the main reasons why we do so well. Everybody looks out for everybody else.”