Here at H.J. Holtz & Son, our craftsmen have been very busy this fall painting the exterior brick of homes. There are an abundance of reasons our customers are choosing this design technique. It could be something simple, for example not liking the tones of their bricks.  Bricks can come in an assortment of colors ranging from black to white with red, pinks, grey and cream in between. Which shades the homeowner likes comes down to personal preference, but by painting them we can design a whole new look.

Many homeowners have added additional space to their home.  Most people love their home and do not want to relocate. Adding a new space lets the homeowner stay where they are and gives them additional square footage. However, when an addition is constructed, sometimes it is built with a different material than the original structure such as stucco, wood or even varied brick and therefore it usually doesn’t match. By painting the brick you can blend the old with new; creating a unified look.

Whitewashing the bricks can be another way to personalize the exterior of your home.  Whitewashing is a specialized technique that gives the bricks a weathered, distressed look.  Sometimes homeowners want their new home to appear old and established therefore whitewashing does the trick. Whitewashing can also camouflage flaws and stains on the bricks by reproducing the look of other bricks on the home so they complement each other and blend seamlessly.

There are many things to take into consideration when painting exterior brick. The brick cannot be new and must settle before we can even begin. We meticulously prepare the brick by gently cleaning it and have industry partners that make all necessary repairs to any worn or damaged bricks and mortar. Our specially trained craftsmen use a special masonry primer to coat the bricks which seals and conditions them. The primer also prevents moisture infiltration but still allows the brick to breathe. A properly prepared brick should last 15-20 years, which is why it is so imperative to have qualified professionals like H.J. Holtz & Son execute the project.

Homeowners want to differentiate themselves and have their home stand apart. By choosing the colors and accentuating the details, for example doors, window trim and shutters, the painted brick gives the house the spark and presence that they desire. A fabulous look that separates them from their neighbors. Painting the exterior brick creates a timeless, unique look that reflects the personality and character of the homeowners and we, at Holtz, are fulfilling their vision!

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