As Garden Week in Virginia draws near, homeowners on the tour look to experts to spruce up their interiors and exteriors alike. Award-winning painting, papering and decorative finishes contractor H.J. Holtz & Son tops the list.

RICHMOND, VA, April 9, 2014 — Historic Garden week in Virginia is a time when the beauty and pageantry of Virginia architecture and gardens are viewable to the public. Many of these residences are given a makeover before they open their homes and yards to visitors. Their gardens are not only meticulously groomed and maintained, but flower arrangements adorn the insides of these stately residences, for what is known as America’s largest open house.

A state-wide event, the Garden Week attracts tourists from all over the country to see the beautiful gardens and also the collection of new and historic homes that represent the states’ magnificent architecture. The eight days of viewing provides visitors with special access to some of the finest and most picturesque gardens and homes in Virginia.

“Owners that take such meticulous care of their properties value our help because we are meticulous ourselves,” explains Rick Holtz, President and 3rd generation leader of H.J. Holtz & Son Painting, Papering and Decorative Finishes. “Moreover, it’s comforting to them that we can bring a whole solution to the relationship. Not only will we handle difficult exterior and interior painting projects, but we can integrate highly skilled wallpaper work and decorative finishes. It’s just easier for the owner to work with one company across all of those related projects.”

One of their clients, Michelle O’Donnell, is the owner of a home that will be featured in this year’s Garden Week. “We were honored to have been selected. As the date drew closer we realized that we wanted to do some remodeling and painting to the interior of our home. We chose H.J. Holtz & Son to take care of the painting because of their reputation for quality work and their willingness to meet a tight timeline. We’re very happy with how it’s gone and now we can’t imagine using anyone else,” Michelle explained.

In addition to sponsoring the event, H.J. Holtz & Son worked on several of the homes featured in this year’s tour. From exterior painting to interior painting and papering to decorative finishes on designer furniture, H.J. Holtz & Son has helped make the following residences on the tour even more stunning for visitors: 99 and 400 Caroline Street in Fredericksburg, 1 Hillarie Lane in the Glenbrook Hills area of Richmond, and finally The Wilton House Museum in the Hampton Gardens area of Richmond.

Founded in 1936, H.J Holtz & Son Painting, Papering, and Decorative Finishes is an award-winning full service residential painting, faux finishing and wallpapering contractor specializing in meeting the needs of discriminating homeowners through exceptional craftsmanship and customer service. From faux painting furniture, hanging hand painted wallpaper or simply painting the exterior of your home, our qualified craftsmen can fulfill all your decorative needs.

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