In the universe of home renovations, painting and wallpapering changes aren’t the most invasive. But every improvement involves some dislocation – either in the loss of use of a space or living with additional people underfoot – that a family has to accommodate.

Unless the family is somewhere else while the work is underway. H.J. Holtz & Son is pleased to offer customers the option of executing projects while a home is vacant, which offers benefits on both sides.

Save Money

“Customers don’t really want to live through the disruption; it’s stressful,” says company president Rick Holtz. “The benefit to us is that we can stage the job one time and not take it apart every day. That can save the customer money.”

Holtz says the best jobs to undertake in an empty house are interior, especially kitchens. “We can waste up to an hour and a half every day in readying the area and cleaning up at the end of the day,” he notes.

Prior Planning is Key

Prior planning is essential when the homeowners are going to be at another location, Holtz adds. “The more defined the vision and the scope of work, the more successful the project turns out,” he says. “We need to have clear decisions and details, because we don’t want to interrupt the homeowner’s away time unless absolutely necessary.”

Summer for Your Primary Residence – Fall or Winter for a Second Home

Holtz says the most common empty-house projects occur during the summer, when the family is on vacation. But fall can be a great time to schedule projects for a second house, because it’s the off-season, so no one is displaced. And the family is clear on what needs to be done.

“Spring is a busy time for us and for our clients,” he notes. “With fall projects, what you want is fresh in your mind, and you can get it done. It’s still going to be nice and fresh when you come back. “When you wait, the project becomes more of a stress, and it has a whole different feel,” he adds. “You want it to be over before it’s even started.”

Trust is Key

Customers can be confident that their homes and belongings will be safe when Holtz & Son employees are at work, Holtz says. “We are fully licensed, insured and bonded. Employees undergo a background check and drug testing, and many have been with the company for years. “We don’t put people in people’s homes that we don’t trust,” Holtz says. “That’s not good for business.” Or the customer.