Summer is a popular time to travel. The kids are out of school and perhaps the work schedule is a little more manageable. Unfortunately, it’s also the ideal time to take on those critical house projects. Perhaps you’ve already noticed areas in the home that need freshening up or recognize that the exterior of your home will be vulnerable next winter if it doesn’t get painted in the meantime.

Trying to get away for a vacation while also accomplishing those important items on your home maintenance to-do list may seem like competing categories — the more you do in one category, the less you can do in the other. Well, when it comes to your painting projects, we want you to have your cake and eat it too. Let H.J. Holtz & Son take care of painting while you’re on vacation!

Professional Painting While You’re on Vacation

Perhaps your walls need a fresh coat of paint. Wouldn’t it be lovely to open your windows and let the sun shine through on meticulously painted walls? Or it’s possible that your garage flooring could use an epoxy coating. Imagine having a bright, durable flooring waiting for you when you come home from your summer vacation – an extension of your home rather than a dull garage.

H.J. Holtz and Son provides painting services to customers while they are on vacation. As a family owned business, we used to imagine how nice it would be to have our homes freshly painted while we were on vacation. That’s why we decided to offer this service to our own customers.

Benefits to Booking Our Team

There are many benefits to booking our services while you’re away. The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to be bothered in any way. Our crews will handle the project from start to finish: remove clothes and clutter from closets, uninstall window treatments, pile up books from bookshelves, move furniture and wall hangings and more. Of course, we put everything back in order when we’re done.

You also don’t have to worry about the dust, mess and odors that go along with painting. By the time you get home, everything will be back in its place and your home will be clean, put together and complete. Plus, knowing that your home will be freshly painted is a nice way to end a fun-filled vacation.

Honest, Reliable Crews

You deserve a break, and we’re prepared to give you one. You can count on our three-generation company to deliver the highest quality work and honest, dependable home improvements. None of our services are outsourced, so it will be only our employees that will come into your home. Our crews are also more than happy to get your mail and let in other approved tradespeople (maids, gardeners, pest control) to keep your home running efficiently while you’re away.

It’s like a triple win — a major item on your home maintenance to-do list gets accomplished, you and your family get to take that vacation without feeling guilty, and your home remains occupied and busy during the day, concealing the fact that you are away. Let’s toast to that! Book our services today so it all gets done while you’re away!