This isn’t your grandmother’s house, and we don’t treat it as such. Wallpaper is the new-old way to give your room that ‘Wow’ factor. (If you don’t believe us – check out Pinterest!) Our residential wallpaper experts will incorporate your personal taste, the look you would like to achieve for your home, and the feeling you want to convey to anyone in that room.

We can help you select a more traditional look to highlight a particular room or architectural feature in your home, or we can open up your vision to a variety of patterns, prints and textures that can make a room cozy, or seem bigger than it really is. New wallpaper can also be a more expressive reflection of your personality, cover flaws in the wall that paint wouldn’t, protect the wall from surface marks, and add richness or sense of interest to a room that otherwise has no built-in architectural features. Some wallpapers are designed to create a certain look, like with vintage wallpapers. Others achieve a desired function such as acoustical wall carpets to reduce sound.

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For the best wallpaper installations, the surface must be prepared for the wallpaper to adhere well and evenly. Proper preparation includes fixing defects in the drywall and complete removal of loose material or previous adhesives. Our residential wallpaper team is meticulous about preparing your walls and recognize that the preparation is as crucial as the actual installation. As with our painting services, your residential wallpaper project is not complete until we’ve done a thorough walkthrough with you and we’ve cleaned the area of our materials. Our focus is your satisfaction, and we want to make sure you love your new look!

Top Reasons To Consider Wallpaper

  • Durability – a scrub-able vinyl paper, for example, is a great choice for families with young children and pets
  • Variety – while painting offers the ultimate flexibility, wall coverings have come a long way. It’s now possible to get a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures.
  • Adds Interest and Architecture – for rooms that are a little too plain, simply using a wall covering instead of paint may do the trick.
  • Inexpensive Alternative to Artwork – we’ve even framed interesting wallpaper and hung it on a client’s wall in lieu of expensive art.
wallpaper richmond va
wallpaper richmond va

Wallpapering Preparation Process

  • Careful removal of existing paper to ensure a clean wall
  • Repair damaged sheetrock and plaster
  • Prime and size walls not only quality installation but to make future removal easier
  • Caulk and touch up woodwork as necessary
  • Hand trim as necessary and even paper electrical plates and HVAC grilles when requested
  • Wallcovering Installers Association Members – ensures the latest tools and techniques for quality results
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Decorative Wallcovering Ideas

Wallpaper has come a long way since our company was established in 1936. Now wallcoverings encompass a wide variety of materials and designs. We even traveled to England to visit trendsetting wallpaper manufacturers and learn about their plans.

Just some of what is possible in wallcoverings:

  • Stylish English papers
  • Grasscloth – including both manmade and natural materials like arrowroot, hemp, jute, and reed
  • Raffia – made from the leaves of tropical palm tree
  • Foils – great for bathrooms and other rooms exposed to moisture because the foil layer acts as a barrier
  • Mylars – often mistaken for foil, these have a DuPont coating
  • Bamboo
  • Coated Fabric
  • Hand-painted Scenics and Graphics