With the cold weather upon us, we will begin spending a lot of time indoors. For many, it is a hard adjustment. In fact, in recent years the medical community has confirmed that the “winter blues” is a very real thing. People suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (“SAD”) are sensitive to the chemical and hormonal changes resulting from lower exposure to bright sunlight and may require treatment.

For most of us, the effect is less severe, but we may still find ourselves feeling a bit “blah.” While we can’t claim clinical effectiveness, we can say from personal experience that sprucing up your interior (where you’re spending a whole lot more time!) provides a wonderful boost to your state of mind. We have listed 13 simple things you can have completed this winter to create a fresh look.

    • create an accent wall – Using a graphic, wallpaper, a hand painted mural or a different color or high gloss paint you can create a whole new look to your room.
    • paint your ceiling – Did you know that your ceiling is considered your 5th wall? Similar to an accent wall, using graphics, wallpaper or paint will completely transform that space.
    • paint a piece of furniture – Pop color into your room by painting a piece of furniture. Using a high gloss, satin or chalk paint, you change the look of your space immediately!
    • paint cabinets or bookcases – Do your cabinets feel dated? Are your tired of looking at woodgrain or maybe your have white built ins that you loved years ago, but are ready for a new look? A coat or two of paint will do the trick!
    • accent the back of open shelving or bookcases – Wallpaper and paint applied to the inside of these cases add dimension and interest. Depending on what you choose it could also highlight what is displayed on the shelves too.

shelving or bookcases

  • spruce up your stairs – By painting risers, stringers and/or railings, you are creating a new look and depth to your stairway!
  • change your trim or interior door color – Glaze, high gloss paint, satin finish or contrasting color can modernize your home!
  • use wallpaper – Wallpaper can be used for many things, not just on walls! You can wallpaper a dresser or a coffee table with glass!
  • Wallpaper
  • paint chair rail and moldings to match walls – From an architectural element this will simplify your room yet let the moldings add depth.
  • paint accessories – Lamps, curtain rods, mirrors and antique glass can all be updated by using paint!
  • paint the floor – Decorative stenciling, painting or staining will add an unique look and interest to your home. It will definitely make a statement.
  • paint your garage – Do your walls need some TLC or is it the floor? You can do both and have your garage looking as good as the rest of your home!
  • paint a closet, a niche or even a radiator – Contrasting paint or wallpaper will make those spaces stand out!
  • paint or wallpaper

These are all things that we can do at H.J. Holtz and Son to beautify your home. Call us today for a free estimate or visit our Design Studio to see some of our examples on display. It will spark your creativity and inspire your imagination.