Our summer help is a large part of H.J. Holtz & Son. Interns begin in June; most work through August. This summer’s group includes two college students, one from Roanoke College and one from James Madison University, and six high school students who attend schools across Richmond City, Henrico, and Hanover counties.

Cole Holtz, Turner Jordan, and Conor Thomas work in the field on many different jobs, and Cam Boxley works with our skilled carpenters. Jack Schmitt, Oliver Hale, and Miguel Villanueva work in the shop; Emily Evans works in the office as an assistant.

Company President Rick Holtz says the interns provide needed services. “They take care of much of the simple labor tasks,” he says, which include filling nail divots, sanding, caulking, prepping shutters for painting, etc. “It’s mundane, but work is mundane at times. “When you’re as busy as we are, the more you can keep your skilled workers doing skilled tasks, the better off you are, and the better you serve your clients.”

Each intern agrees that his or her favorite part of working with the company is creating and building friendships with coworkers and learning from them. Cole said he even loves seeing his dad, Rick Holtz, on the job.

The older Holtz says there are benefits all around. “The interns gain work experience, learn what it’s like to get up and work a job, and get a paycheck,” he says. “My other workers learn how to teach someone else what it is they do and manage a team. And everyone learns how to get along with people who may come from different backgrounds.”

These students are the next generation of H.J. Holtz & Son. We could not be more excited for such a bright future!