Faux Bois (Woodgraining)

Faux Bois Painting Technique to Create Wood Panel Look

Take a close look at the photographs below. This is one of the most recent rooms that our craftsmen at H.J. Holtz and Son just painted. We are sure you are saying to yourself, “What did they paint? It’s a wood paneled room.” This…
Symphony House Exterior Image

2016 Symphony House

Pineapple Acre, the 2016  Designer House for the Richmond Symphony, at 3223 Hawthorne Ave in Ginter Park continues to be open to the public through October 10th.  Every other year since 1984, The Richmond Symphony Orchestra League sponsors…
Homearama 2016 Ceiling Stain

2016 Richmond Homearama

Put on by the Home Building Association of Richmond, the 2016 Richmond Homearama features 9 designer furnished new homes in the Hallsley community of Chesterfield County. Priced between $950,000 to over $1 Million, these luxury homes were…
Faux Finishing

Historic Garden Week in Richmond Virginia

According to the Garden Club of Virginia’s website, “Each spring visitors are welcomed to over 250 of Virginia's most beautiful gardens, homes and historic landmarks during ‘America's Largest Open House.’ This 8-day statewide event…

13 Ways to Spruce Up Your Interior This Winter

With the cold weather upon us, we will begin spending a lot of time indoors. For many, it is a hard adjustment. In fact, in recent years the medical community has confirmed that the “winter blues” is a very real thing. People suffering from…
H.J. Holtz Paint Booth

New Spray Booth for Cabinet and Furniture Painting

If you cringe at the idea of getting rid of something that is perfectly useful, but desperately want to update your existing furniture or cabinets, you are not alone. More so than ever savvy homeowners are having their cake and eating it too…
H.J. Holtz and Son - The Studio

Design Studio Inspiring Home Projects

It's hard to believe that 4 months have gone by since we opened the design studio around the corner from our main office. Interior designers and clients alike have used our examples to inspire new projects. A number of clients and partners…
Richmond Design Studio

Richmond Design Studio Now Open

Visualizing your home design project can be difficult, but after seeing the variety of decorative finish options displayed at H.J. Holtz & Son’s new Richmond Design Studio, you’ll only be limited by your imagination. H.J. Holtz &…
Faux Finishing

Types of Decorative Paint Finishes

Painting is more than just color. Using a variety of decorative paint finishes, you can have your walls transformed to look like fine linen or a sandy beach. H.J. Holtz and Son has experienced painting crews that are familiar with all types…