Virginia Garden Week 2018

Preparing a House for a Special Event – Garden Week 2018

Rick Holtz says the project is typical for any homeowner who has a special event on the horizon – whether it be a Garden Week tour, retirement or graduation party, or a neighborhood gathering. “People want their homes to look good,” he says. “We can come in and make rooms fresh and bright, or bring a whole new look. The job itself may not be big, but the impact is significant.”
Painting Furniture in New Spray Booth

Painting Furniture to Create a New Look

The desire for us to paint furniture continues to increase as our customers are choosing to repurpose their furniture.  We’re enthusiasts of this concept so we’re excited to be doing more of it.  Some customers are interested in the environmental…
H.J. Holtz Paint Booth

New Spray Booth for Cabinet and Furniture Painting

If you cringe at the idea of getting rid of something that is perfectly useful, but desperately want to update your existing furniture or cabinets, you are not alone. More so than ever savvy homeowners are having their cake and eating it too…