2016 Homearama Kitchen

Painting Your Residence or Vacation Home While You’re Away

In the universe of home renovations, painting and wallpapering changes aren’t the most invasive. But every improvement involves some dislocation – either in the loss of use of a space or living with additional people underfoot – that a family has to accommodate. Unless the family is somewhere else while the work is underway, H.J. Holtz & Son is pleased to offer customers the option of executing projects while a home is vacant, which offers benefits on both sides.

National Attention for Business and Painting Excellence

H.J. Holtz & Son President speaks at national convention while the company’s work is featured on the cover of House Beautiful RICHMOND, VA (September 6, 2016) - Richmond's leading painting company, H.J Holtz & Son, has had a banner…
Richmond Townhouse Pink Parlor - House Beautiful

House Beautiful – Richmond Townhouse

We are so excited to have our work featured in House Beautiful this month. Well, not just in it, but... on the cover! Our longstanding partnership with Suellen Gregory has led to many interesting projects. But this time it led us on to the…
Rick at Farrow & Ball

My Visit to Farrow & Ball Facility in England

When you see the name Farrow & Ball, it may conjure up images of expensive English designer paint and wallpaper. As a residential paint and wallpaper contractor, I am familiar with their products and would use them when I had to. I have…
Homearama 2016 Ceiling Stain

2016 Richmond Homearama

Put on by the Home Building Association of Richmond, the 2016 Richmond Homearama features 9 designer furnished new homes in the Hallsley community of Chesterfield County. Priced between $950,000 to over $1 Million, these luxury homes were…

13 Ways to Spruce Up Your Interior This Winter

With the cold weather upon us, we will begin spending a lot of time indoors. For many, it is a hard adjustment. In fact, in recent years the medical community has confirmed that the “winter blues” is a very real thing. People suffering from…
Top 2014 Decorating Colors

Top 2014 Decorating Colors

It’s always fun to discover what decorating colors will dominate homes and styles each year. This year has been especially exciting since we’ve entered an era where creativity speaks volumes. As long as you have a good story to tell to validate…