It’s always fun to discover what decorating colors will dominate homes and styles each year. This year has been especially exciting since we’ve entered an era where creativity speaks volumes. As long as you have a good story to tell to validate your decorating style, almost anything goes. Of course, there are tasteful ways to do things, but the remarkable aspect is there are no rights or wrongs. You can choose what you love and make it your own. In terms of color, there are certain trends that we have seen emerge this year. Let’s take a look!

Most Popular Pick: Shades of brown

Brown is probably the most popular decorating color pick right now. Light browns are the biggest sellers, such as those that remind us of spices and beverages like mocha, gingerbread or cinnamon. What people love about brown is that it has a lot more kick compared to white walls, but it goes well with just about anything else: soft pinks, lavender, pastel greens and so on.

Earthy Tones: Shades of green, blue, tan and gray

Earthy tones have been popular for quite a while, and we’re seeing the same trend continue. The attraction to earthy tones is that they are subtle but add warmth and comfort. All of these colors are light, so you’ll see pastel greens, aqua blues and warm grays getting the spotlight. Also, with summer in bloom, green and blue hues are reminiscent of the beach.

Safe and Neutral: Cream and beige hues

Neutral colors never fade in popularity. We are still seeing plenty of people choose shades of beige or cream for their walls, especially if they like to switch up their decor a lot. But, color is still in, so what people do is choose bright, bold accessories like pillow covers, throw blankets, wall hangings and drapes that contrast well with a neutral backdrop. Perhaps the most popular neutral shade is gray, which spans from dark charcoal colors to soft, pearly tones.

Dark and Glamorous: Deep purple, black, crimson, burnt orange

At the polar end of the trends are savvy, dark colors like deep reds and purples. The appeal to these dark hues is that they bring plenty of character and personality so that all you have to do is choose simple furniture and wall hangings. Plus, metallic decor is popular right now, and a dark backdrop is the perfect way to highlight these accessories. Are there any colors that aren’t feeling the love? The colors you see above are replacing pinks, amethysts, sunny yellows and orange and gold tones. But don’t worry, the trends are always in motion!