Should I wallpaper or paint that bathroom? I want to change the look of my entry. Would it be better to wallpaper or paint? These are the questions we are asked by customers, time and time again. Rick Holtz, of H.J. Holtz and Son often recommends wallpaper for 3 reasons, “It lasts longer, it is a more unique look, and it gives you the flexibility of style and variety of options.” For a really unique look, you don’t need an artist given that we now all have access to thousands of papers. Plus the odds are low that your neighbor will have the same paper in their home.

We spoke with some of the top designers with whom we collaborate for their opinions on whether a customer should use wallpaper or paint.

Ti Hensby, Design Associate for Suellen Gregory Interior Design

“I am a huge fan of wallpaper and like to use it in most homes in at least one place if not several.  I think it’s nice to have pattern on walls or ceilings in certain areas to change things up a bit, and sometimes wallpaper alone can decorate a whole room.  I love using subtle wallpapers just as much as I love using those unexpected papers that make you say “wow!” when you open a door or walk into a room. There’s just something about pattern, whether it be subtle or loud, that makes your eye travel and excites you.  Wallpaper is great for small spaces that could use some interest other than paint, or interior rooms that feel like the heart of the house.   It can be the starting point of a design concept for more than just one room – you can start with paper in one room and then pull paint colors and fabrics throughout the house that coordinate with that paper.   I think everyone should have a little wallpaper in their life.”

Susan M. Jamieson, A SID Defining Design with Bridget Beari Designs

“When I am looking for pattern or texture to fill a room, I look to wallpaper. Sometimes a room just needs to feel warmer. Adding a linen textured wallpaper to the walls gives the room a cozy feeling. When I need drama, I love a bold geometric or floral in a vibrant color. There is nothing more welcoming than a Southern floral wallpaper in a foyer.”

Kate Stikeleather, Designer, Project Manager for Janie Molster Designs listed Pros for Both


  • A great option for a room lacking in architecture.
  • A source for creating suprise or whimsy in unexpected places such as powder rooms, ceilings, back of built-ins, and vestibules.
  • Can be used in lieu of artwork. If you are trying to work within a budget, purchase the paper that you love, have it hung on a board and frame it like a large piece of artwork.


  • Always makes a new house feel like your home.
  • A great source to play up architecture such as glossy trim or dark sashes to create picture windows.
  • Know that buying a specific typed of architecture does not limit one to the architectural style inside the home. Paint is an excellent tool to make the interior of one’s home exactly what you want by changing the finishes, adding continuity to a choppy floor plan or visually raise the ceiling height by color and finish.

All of these designers have made a great case for adding wallpaper to a home. Whichever you choose, we are here to give you a free estimate and will install your brand new look!