In a field dominated by men, H.J. Holtz & Son is proud to have women working at multiple levels of operations.

Geny Holtz, mother of current company president Rick Holtz, was treasurer of the company for more than 30 years, working alongside her husband, Richard L. Holtz, Sr., who had bought the business from his father. When she retired, she handed over the reins to one of her daughters, Sharon Carroll, who is still with the company. She remained a resource and presence until her death this past summer.

Women work in the front office in accounting, scheduling, and project management. In operations, several women work as foremen and painters.

“We’ve always believed that it’s about putting the right person in the right position,” says Rick Holtz, adding that the goal is to help employees find the specific type of work where they are happy and can excel. “Not everyone wants to be a manager, but we want to train and educate all our employees so each person feels good about what they are doing and so we know we are providing the best services for our clients.”

H.J. Holtz & Son is proud to have all these women as part of the team.

Maria Alvarado, painter shop, Holtz team since 2015

Susan Anderson, scheduling coordinator, Holtz team since 2018. Anderson is the first point of contact for most callers into the office as she answers the telephone, but also manages a full and ever-changing scheduling calendar. “I enjoy the activity of the office,” she says. “It’s a very positive office, with a good atmosphere. We’re like family here.”

Anna Cabrera, painter, Holtz team since 2018

Sharon Carroll, finance manager, Holtz team since fall 2014. One of the Holtz family’s four sisters, Carroll moved often with her military husband. When the family decided to return, for good, to the Richmond area after her husband retired, Carroll was available to help out in the office. When Geny Holtz retired, Carroll was able to put her degree in finance to good use, taking over Geny’s treasurer responsibilities. She now handles all accounts payable, the full payroll and the company’s taxes. “I didn’t know much about the inner workings of the company before I started here, so there was a lot to learn,” she says. “I like it because it’s laid-back; I can work independently most of the time.”

Nidia Herrera, painter, Holtz team since January 2020

Carol Hudson, project manager, Holtz team since spring 2014. Another Holtz sister, Hudson first came to the office to assist Geny as she moved toward retirement. While she was happy to participate in the family business, Hudson admits she wasn’t sure what it would be like to work with family. “You have to keep boundaries,” she says. “I think the three of us – Rick, Sharon and I – have gained a new appreciation for each other.” Hudson says she enjoys being project manager because it allows her to leave her desk and enabled her to learn a new part of operations. “I really wanted to see the homes where we were working, to meet the customers – the personal aspect,” she says. “That’s one of the good things about being here: There are so many different areas of the company people can move into.”

Marcia Martinez, painting foreman, Holtz team since 2018. Martinez, who had been working as a painter for other companies, primarily in commercial settings, sought out Holtz & Son. “I wanted a reliable place to work with more stability and residential jobs,” she says. Promoted to foreman in early 2020, Alvarado says she enjoys being able to see a project from start to end and working with customers to bring their vision to life. “I like finishing a job and seeing the reaction of clients,” she says. “Something as simple as painting a wall makes such a difference.”

Sandra Menjivar, shop foreman, Holtz team since 2014. Menjivar oversees the shop schedule, ensuring that the sanding and painting essential to so many jobs happens in a timely fashion. She teaches other team members so they learn the techniques that lead to clean finishes. “I come in early and leave early; I like that,” she says.

Diana Orellana, painter, Holtz team since 2019

Rosalinda (Roxy) Reyes, painting foreman, Holtz team since fall 2019. Reyes says she loves being with customers and is perfectly at home leading a team that is primarily or all male. “A customer asked me about working with men, and I said it doesn’t matter,” she says. “We’re all here to do a job; women can do everything that the men can do.” A relative newcomer to Holtz & Son, Reyes says the company already feels like family. “I love my job, and I love painting,” she says. “If I have a problem, I know I can tell someone.”