Your office or facility is the home away from home for you and your employees. If your customers visit your site, then it’s also an embodiment of your company — the first impression you never get a chance to remake.

Look around. What does it say about the quality of your work, how much you care about your employees, or the level of service you will deliver to your customers? How about this one — does your environment, inside and out, demonstrate that your company stands head and shoulders above your competition?

Commercial Painting & Wallpapering Ideas

  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Impact wall with a faux finish or texture
  • Unique painted or stained wood floor
  • Decorative concrete floor
  • Exterior sign or logo
  • Adhesive wall graphics
  • Textured or other unique wallpaper
  • Faux bois or refinished woodwork

Our Commercial Painting & Wallpapering Experience

We have been transforming Richmond-area homes for over 80 years, but you may not realize that we have also been transforming local businesses for many years through our commercial painting and wallpapering projects.

The creativity, care, and skill that has earned us national and local recognition can be put to work to give your place of business a fresh, inspiring, and exciting new look. See below for just a few examples of interior and exterior commercial painting and wallpapering work we have delivered.

Commercial Painting Possibilities

In addition to expert interior and exterior painting, we offer several “advanced” services that can help your business stand out.

Decorative Flooring

Painted or stained wood or decorative concrete flooring can be a real difference maker because people don’t expect it. If you’re looking to go beyond an environment that looks a lot like your competitors, you’ll want to put decorative flooring on your list.

Faux Finishing

Creating a sophisticated and unique look doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In many cases, it just takes an idea and one of our skilled specialty finishes artists. Faux finish techniques can transform a simple wall into venetian plaster, marble, or even a gorgeous hardwood.

Wall Graphics & Murals

To inspire employees or customers, we’ve come to learn that sometimes one just has to create something completely new. Through wall graphics and murals, our artists and wallpaper professionals have “installed” windows with beautiful views where only walls previously existed and brought other times, lands, and landscapes right into Richmond homes and businesses.

We Are Doctors Who Take Our Own Medicine!

In 2017, we embarked on an extensive renovation of our own facility in Scott’s Addition. Along the way we decided to go beyond a simple update. To see the end result and learn more about what we did, visit our commercial painting showcase blog post.

How Our Commercial Painting Services Work

Complimentary Consultation

Starting with a no-obligation meeting, we work with you to develop a vision for your site or work environment. For inspiration, you may find it helpful to visit our office and design studio which exhibit a variety of techniques and possibilities. With our in-house carpentry crew and network of trusted design and construction partners, there is essentially no limit to what is possible.

Free Estimate & Project Plan

We will develop an estimate and discuss a project plan that will minimize disruption to your operation. Don’t forget, we’re used to working in some of the most prestigious homes in Richmond. Our crews are skilled at keeping a clean work environment, treating possessions with respect, and working efficiently to get the job done on schedule. For many commercial projects, we arrange to work after hours to maximize your productivity during the work day.

On-time Completion

We understand that you have a business to run and need to count on our team to stay on schedule. We assign a project manager to every commercial painting and wallpapering project. He or she will be in touch with you throughout the project to review progress and ensure that we stay on schedule.

What’s Next?

Explore some of the photos below, then feel free to contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation — (804) 358-4109.