Many of our clients choose to work with us because they want their homes to stand out among their friends and neighbors or are eager to express their unique style. In addition to faux finishing, murals and other possibilities for walls, cabinets, and furniture, it’s also possible to add unique and beautiful designs by painting or staining floors.

Luckily for us our on-staff artists are just as comfortable working on the floor as they are adding beauty to all the other parts of a home or business. In recent years, we have designed and executed truly unique looks on wood and concrete floors.

Decorative Wood Floors

Since the 1980s the popularity of hardwood flooring has grown steadily as more homeowners and builders choose it for entryways, living areas and more. It was only a matter of time before homeowners recognized the potential to go beyond the look of the installed hardwood itself to include more elaborate designs and patterns. What better way to make a statement in your living space than to turn that hardwood into a truly decorative floor!

Some of our decorative flooring projects are created to complement the colors and decor of a room, such as a repeating pattern that adds interest. In other cases, we help the homeowner create a “wow” with a more dramatic design that acts as a true centerpiece of the room. Our techniques range from freehand work to the use of readily-available or even custom-designed stencils.

Decorative Concrete Floors

The trend of using the floor as a decorative canvas is not isolated to hardwood floors. We often paint or stain concrete floors with interesting designs or to mimic the look of another material, such as tile or even hardwood.

The possibilities are almost endless. A faux bois technique can create the appearance of wood capable of fooling anyone, even when viewed up close. Similarly, the use of stencils with paint or stain can transform your floor into the most exotic tile or visual centerpiece.

If you already have hardwood floors and are interested in exploring what’s possible through painting or staining it in place, contact us to schedule a consultation in your home or a visit to our design studio where you can check out several designs up close.

If you have or are considering concrete flooring in your home, business — indoors, outdoors or both — contact us to schedule a consultation.

Let us either execute your vision, or help you develop a unique design

Careful removal and replacement of furniture, with your permission

Thorough sanding and preparation to ensure beautiful, long-lasting result

Painstaking patter layout using tape and lasers to ensure accurate pattern

Paint or stain either wood or concrete surfaces

Only the most durable stains, paints and clear polyurethane products