Design Studio

Sometimes it’s just not enough to talk about how a new wall treatment or design idea is going to look in your home – you’ve just got to see an example. Since our work goes far beyond just adding color to walls, we recognized how useful it would be to provide a space for our clients and partners to experience what is possible. Our design studio was created for this purpose.

We renovated a home around the corner from our main shop and outfitted it with examples of creative ideas for walls, floors and furniture. Our designer partners use this space to meet with clients and discuss ideas for their homes and businesses. For clients of ours not working with a designer, our design studio is the perfect place to get inspiration or develop confidence in a plan you’re already contemplating.

Our painters and paperhangers worked hard to incorporate a variety of techniques and materials into our studio. What you will be able to see if you schedule a visit:

  • Wallpaper: This is the service that launched our company. Our skilled paperhangers have experience working with all kinds of paper in the industry.
  • Decorative Plaster: From translucent high-gloss polished plaster surfaces that resemble marble, to rustic plaster surfaces that mimic ancient worn stucco, decorative plaster offers an incredible range of finish options to achieve a distinctive look.
  • Painted Murals: Our decorative artists are incredibly talented. They’ve adorned the Studio with a small sampling of the distinct painting styles they are capable of recreating in your home.
  • Upholstered Wallcoverings: For bedrooms, libraries and media rooms, fabric wall coverings add warmth and a chic, cozy texture that paint and wallpaper cannot match.
  • Floor Staining: Treat visitors to you home to a unique floor in an entryway or create drama in a dining or living room. Our experienced professionals have mastered this difficult art and are capable of producing intricate designs on hardwood floors.
  • Furniture: H. J. Holtz & Son is a certified applicator of Fine Paints of Europe, which can provide the highest quality look possible to any surface in your home. Our shop painters can restore any piece of indoor or outdoor furniture to its original beauty, create a distressed finish, or give it a fresh new look.

Want to see how H.J. Holtz & Son’s decorative artists and paperhangers can transform your home? Contact us to schedule an appointment at the Design Studio, and we’ll show you how we can bring your vision to life.