Read a few statements from some of our recent customers!

“Everything was amazing. Everyone we encountered was pleasant and knowledgeable. The work was perfect (and we’re really picky!) We had to get a lot of painting done in a short period of time, before new floors and moving in and it was not a problem. Always exactly on time.”

Kimberly S.

“The quality of the work was excellent and the painters were very professional and pleasant to have around.”

Kathleen M.

“Timeliness. They are like clockwork. They arrive on time take breaks at the same time and leave when scheduled.”

Shelly K.

“Gary and Henry were always on time, explained and kept me posted on progress and were always easy to work with.”

Henry B.

“The quality of painting, and the professionalism each employee demonstrated. Holtz painters are perfectionist in every way. I personally would not trust any other company to do the work we had done. Hands down, we would highly recommend Holtz & Co. for all your painting needs. They are the very best in the state!!!”

DonnaMarie N.

“We felt that the painters cared about doing their best work possible on our home. Gary, our lead painter, was conscientious as well as being an excellent painter. We trust him.”

Phil S.

“I loved the faux finish in the powder room and niche and I loved the colors throughout the house. It gave the house a very warm feeling from the white walls I previously had.”

Renee W.

“Professional, reliable in every way, and the whole team takes pride in their work. Can-do attitude. Besides the work, you all do in my home, I feel completely comfortable sending you to work for my clients, and never worry that the workmanship or professionalism will be anything but top-rate.”

Pat L.

“The employees helpful attitude and professionalized work. Last year I had used you for a larger project, at the recommendation of David Barden. Your work at the symphony designer house was fantastic. I was “house sitting” during the work and was wowed.”

Suzanne F.

“Attention to detail, politeness of staff and cleanup after completion. It is true that “you get what you pay for.” Holtz was not the cheapest, but the quality and workmanship far exceeded any other work we have had done. We tried the cheaper companies in the past, then was so frustrated by their work, we could not wait for them to just leave our home!”

Alan B.

“Details. Shawn initial proposal was a detailed one and gave us the roadmap we needed to understand and pick and choose from entire scope. James, our team leader, is a quite but very effective artisan that knows his craft.”

Deborh K.

“Initial contact person was very professional. The installer (Jeff) was very professional and we were impressed with the quality of his work. The important comment would be that we would definitely ask for Holtz and Jeff again to do our work.”

Ray and Carol S.

“The people we interacted with – Rick, Jeremy, Oscar, etc. Also the culture – very clear they really do want to do a great job and make the customer happy. Anytime I raised an issue or question I felt their response was along the lines of “ok, we have a problem – what’s our best way of handling it?”

Randy N.

“Having a project manager I could call with questions was an asset and the professionalism and attention to detail from the entire crew was outstanding.”

Patricia S.

“The time and care the guys took to make this perfect. They even papered the ceiling vents which is outstanding.”

Karen G.

“What an awesome team whose work in my challenging environment was most satisfactory! I am so appreciative of the excellent service!”

Becky M.

“We could trust that the workers in our home would do the job they were there to do, whether we were home or not, and that the job would be completed to our satisfaction—their attention to detail was also greatly appreciated.”

Sally and Joe C.

“Prompt, high quality workman and workmanship.”

Emily S.

“The staff was excellent.”

Sharon P.

“Efficient, workers were on time and very professional, knew what they were doing.”

Rose Marie S.