• Insurance — Workman’s Compensation & Liability Insurance protect our clients & employees
  • Cleanliness — Crews carrying company-owned cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaners guarantee work areas are kept and left in a clean and orderly fashion
  • Dependability — Employees who work full 8 hour shifts and never leave a job until its completion
  • Honesty and Integrity — Clients trust us with complete access to their homes and often leave us with keys to complete a job while they are out of town
  • Quality — Detailed work descriptions accompany each proposal and work is performed according to this agreement
  • Supervision — Foreman is present at all times on each job and a supervisor/owner visits each job daily
  • Knowledge — Three generations of experience and continuing education through various seminars and workshops
  • Superior Materials — The most durable and beautiful products on the market are used on each job to ensure the best results
  • Preparation of Surface — Cleaning, sanding, puttying, and caulking are performed prior to painting to ensure a longer-lasting finish
  • Service — All employees – apprentices, painters, foremen, and owners – communicate effectively with clients
  • Safety — Employees are trained to follow the company’s safety program while performing their job duties
  • Craftsmanship — Willingness to pay close attention to detail and guarantee job meets clients’ expectations
  • Scheduling — Clients’ requirements are highly considered, and extra care is taken to minimize the disruption to your home