A decorative floor can provide one of the most powerful makeovers for a home or business. It is a visual centerpiece that can hide flaws or imperfections in the floor but also it can easily suit any design, from traditional to contemporary. Here at H.J.Holtz & Son we have been asked to create decorative floors more and more frequently.

We work closely on many projects, especially decorative floors, with one of our valued trade partners, Suellen of Suellen Gregory in Richmond, VA who shared, “a decorative floor is a wonderful addition to a room. An open floor plan would be wonderful but so would smaller rooms as they can be made to appear larger by using a large open pattern. I think small vestibules, living rooms, kitchens, mudrooms – they can all look amazing with a pattern on the floor. The pattern creates interest and diffuses wear.” When Suellen works with a client she listens to their desires then creates a design while keeping their needs and taste in mind which includes considering the scale, shade, color, and pattern for the space.

Suellen continues, “from a design standpoint it adds a layer of interest, it can make the room look larger. It is a great way to update and it really helps with children and animals as far as care is concerned – cleans up much better than carpet!”

Creating a decorative floor is a multi-step process. After a design has been created, we enlist another one of our strategic partners to sand and remove all of stain and polyurethane from the existing floor. Once the raw floor has been exposed H.J. Holtz and Son’s skilled craftsmen lay out the pattern.  We then 1) layer the stains, paint or both, then 2) tape and reverse tape, multiple times, depending on number of colors and the complexity of the design. Upon our completion of the staining process our flooring partner applies multiple clear protective coats in a satin, semi-gloss or high gloss finish.

More examples shown below:

A decorative floor is a unique and dramatic addition to any home or space. We have the expertise and craftsmanship to fulfill the vision of our customers. There are many examples of painted and stained decorative floors in our Design Studio. Contact us to schedule a time to stop by and take a look!