Anne Pulliam, principal of Anne Pulliam Interiors in Richmond, knows she can turn to H.J. Holtz & Son when she wants something done right.

“I’ve been burned before, so it’s worth waiting for Holtz,” she says.

Last year, while visiting the company’s offices for a project, Pulliam happened upon the carpentry shop. Noticing work in progress, she realized the Holtz team could fashion a custom cabinet for her parents’ home.

Pulliam’s parents last renovated their house 25 years ago. With the passage of time and changes in how they use the space, they needed a refresh and asked their daughter to help. The lower level was a particular challenge because there were differences in opinion over how the space could be best used.

“The basement was cheap and cheerful, with wall-to-wall carpet from when we were little,” Pulliam laughs. “It was functional but not aesthetically pleasing; it had served its purpose. [In the recent renovation], Mom wanted it to become a welcoming space where the grandkids could play and keep their toys. Dad wanted it to be clean and masculine, where he could play pool or watch football games with friends.”

Pulliam’s solution was to fill a full wall – nearly 25 feet long – with Holtz Built cabinetry designed to accommodate the twin goals of being both attractive and functional. The base cabinets were built in sections, so they could be easily moved into the room. The top, face frames, and waterfall side are oak. The doors are solid poplar with a V groove cut to match the tongue-and-groove wall paneling throughout the room. The upper towers are plywood and poplar.

Pulliam says her parents weren’t sure the basement warranted the effort.

“They wanted something nice, but wondered if they really wanted to do something this unexpected,” Pulliam says. “I assured them that to get the look they wanted – for the space to not look and feel like a basement – that a little visual interest and a little more character can go a long way.”

The details are essential, she adds, pointing to the toe-kick front base, the “waterfall” oak end, and how the oak was stained to match the vinyl flooring that has the look of hardwood. “This feels like a furniture piece, not just a box that sits on the floor,” Pulliam notes.

Now, her parents are enthusiastic about the custom cabinet unit, which offers both storage and display space for college yearbooks, memorabilia, and toys, and provides an appealing surround for a wall-mounted television.

“Initially, I didn’t know who to turn to for the cabinet construction,” Pulliam says. “But the Holtz team said they could do it, and they solved a lot of problems I didn’t anticipate. All of the craftsmanship really makes a difference.”