When people choose a professional interior painting service to paint their home, they do so because they expect to see professional results. Anyone can get out a paint roller and tape and apply paint to the walls, but only true professionals can leave behind a masterpiece.

At H.J. Holtz and Son, we know that our clients are expecting perfection when they choose us, not just a better version of what they can do on their own. That’s why we find ways to personalize our work and give it that ‘H.J. Holtz touch.’ For us, it’s all in the details.

If you’re considering having your home painted, you can work with our painting specialists to develop your ideas. You may have something specific in mind, or you may have no clue as to what you want done. Either way is fine by us! We will listen to your vision and help it become a reality with our knowledge, background and experience in what types of techniques, finishes and color schemes work best.

When we have a solid vision in place, we begin to execute our work with the highest quality materials available. By choosing the best materials, you can expect superior results. From the paint brushes and rollers to premium paint colors, only the best is put onto your walls. This is especially important when painting high-detail murals and decorative finishes that rely on quality and precision.

Our professional painting crews pay attention to the details, even the most subtle ones that most other painting companies overlook. We feel that it’s important for everything to flow together, and that’s why we will paint the switch plates, HVAC registers or outlets to match the walls or backsplash. We can even do the same with wallpaper! What people see when they look up also matters, which is why we can also pull your wall, ceiling and trim colors together.

No project is complete until a painting project supervisor inspects the job and everything has been properly put back and cleaned up. We want our clients to walk into their homes with nothing to do but enjoy their freshly painted walls, so this is the exact experience you can expect!

If you’re going to pay a professional painting service to paint the interior of your home, don’t settle for slightly above average. At H.J. Holtz and Son, we take our time to deliver a high level of sophistication that other companies just don’t consider.