Collaborating with designers is an important and wonderful way for us to work together to help clients visualize and achieve their goals. On the project below we collaborated with local designers Nan McVey and Margaret Valentine of McVey-Valentine Interior Design to create a gorgeous, refreshed foyer without lifting a hammer or destroying a wall. Nan and Margaret worked with Rick Holtz to launch the project and relied heavily on Jeff Ragland’s team at H.J. Holtz & Son for design input.  

In speaking with Nan McVey we understand the process of creating an updated space for our client.

“The client has always gravitated to an ethereal palette. We took the colors from the living room, and translated them into a new linen fabric from Cowtan and Tout for the window fabric and glass/stone trim. We then used the geometric pattern to choose the colors for the floor design, always favoring Farrow and Ball paints. The floor design was a collaboration between The H.J. Holtz team and McVey-Valentine. Several color boards were considered before choosing the perfect one. The diamond accent design replicated the color of the hand forged metal poles that were used for the window hardware. We learned that the Farrow and Ball floor paint did not require a finish coat, which expedited the process for a busy family.”

“The wall paint design worked off of the same colors. The existing wall moulding dictated the design. One floor paint was a base coat, and the other was combined to make a faux finish within the moulding. The trim color was a tried and true Farrow and Ball color with warm tones.”   The patterned floor and and faux paint “pulled together a long narrow space, while giving it some interest and dimension. The textures in the fabric, floor design and faux painting all spoke to each other.” Which leads to an inviting, beautiful space.


And after!

The transformation is amazing! The diamonds were painted on a smaller scale, with inserted smaller diamonds on point connecting the larger diamonds. A border was also added which creates even more interest on the floor. The mouldings now pop because of the contrast of color and the faux painting in the middle gives the wall depth. The faux painted light fixture matching the wall completes the room.


Nan and Margaret said “One of the luxuries of the job was the ongoing relationship we have had with the client. We value their input, and they trust our judgement. All of these factors worked together to make a winning combination.” We at H.J.Holtz & Son are lucky to have this relationship with designers like McVey-Valentine because together we can make magic.