Nancy Hartt called on H.J. Holtz & Son when she opened her fashion boutique eight years ago for painting and wallpapering. It was only logical that she would call on the Holtz team again for a recent refresh.

“They’re the most trustworthy people of all time,” she says. “They are accommodating, and if something goes wrong, [company president] Rick [Holtz] has someone here within 24 hours.”

Hartt’s shop, Nellie George – named for her French bulldogs – opened with a floor painted in a hexagonal pattern, a custom design executed by Holtz painters. “We have not had to retouch that floor in eight years,” Hartt says. “People and dogs are on it all the time. There’s very high foot traffic, and it looks terrific.”

Recently, Hartt decided to shift the color scheme of the shop from blue to pink, which included a haven for her bulldogs. “We have a cute little dog bed that was blue, and now it’s pink,” she says. “It’s this lovely pink pagoda dog bed; people comment on that all the time.”

A second doorway at the rear of the store provides access to parking and is often used by customers. Holtz painters touched up the rear hallway and nearby dressing rooms in crisp white to make the space more inviting. “We needed to lighten that up a bit,” Hartt says.

Hartt was well acquainted with the Holtz team even before she opened her business. “Holtz has been helping my family in our houses since before I was born,” she says. “They are awesome.”

Another useful aspect of having the Holtz team in her shop, Hartt says, is their understanding of her needs as a business owner.

“We’re a commercial space, and we need to be open for customers,” she says. “Guys would come in at 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. to make sure the paint was dry before we opened for the day. That means so much. They are worth every penny.”