It’s more likely than ever that H.J. Holtz & Son is called to a home by an interior designer managing a project, says company president Rick Holtz.

“Designers create welcoming and comfortable environments, and we help them by bringing the expertise needed to execute their design,” he says. “We enjoy working with designers on projects large and small.”

A homeowner trusts a designer to devise a plan that encompasses multiple elements: comfort, convenience, and aesthetics. Often, significant time and effort goes into the process that yields a workable vision. But the plan can go only so far without proper execution. That’s where H.J. Holtz & Son comes in.

“We have good relationships with many designers, because they know we know how to work with them and deliver results,” Holtz says.

For example, Holtz & Son was recently called in by one designer whose client was adding an outdoor fireplace and wanted a mantle to complement the home’s existing style. The designer sketched a vision that included traditional elements alongside whimsical embellishments. She handed the design to Holtz carpenter Jeff Nonnemacker, who brought the sketch to life with assistant K.C. Killinger.

In another instance, a designer called on Holtz paper hangers to transform a dining room into a lush landscape. The team had to devise a plan for hanging luxurious Schumacher wallpaper, visualizing how the repeating pattern could be placed to best showcase its design while taking into account multiple window and door openings.

“We have talented craftspeople — men and women — in every division,” Holtz says. “Challenging tasks don’t scare us, because we do them all the time. And if a designer asks for something out of the ordinary, our team gets excited, because they love doing something new.”

Holtz says he especially appreciates when a designer calls on the firm to work in the designer’s own home, which happens frequently. “That tells me we’re doing something right,” Holtz says. “When someone calls us to work on their own home, we’re honored to have earned that trust.”

have extensive experience with high-end products that designers recommend, including master certification with Fine Paints of Europe, training in Venetian Plaster, expertise in luxury, hand-painted wallpapers, such as Gracie and de Gournay
have the necessary tools and equipment to properly prepare surfaces
know how to safely work in historic structures
can handle carpentry, wallpaper, and painting without calling in subcontractors
are respectful of client homes;we treat every house as our own
follow rigorous COVID protocols