Exciting things are happening at H.J. Holtz & Son! We just completed a three month office renovation and the new space looks phenomenal. Not only is it larger and more usable but it has inadvertently become a showcase of design ideas. There are so many innovative ideas in this functional space we just have to share!


When you walk into the office you are welcomed with a wall painted with Rust-Oleum Chalk paint in black finish.  This huge black board can be written on using traditional chalk or liquid chalk markers. The H.J. Holtz & Son logo was stenciled with a brush using Benjamin Moore Interior Flat paint.  It is such a clean and crisp look!

Rust-Oleum Chalk Paint Wall

On the other side of this wall, we mixed three different blues (Benjamin Moore Regal Select Matte Finish – 805 New York State of MindHC-153 Marlboro Blue2062-40, Blue Daisy) creating an ombre effect. It is painted on the diagonal creating interest and has a textured feel.


Benjamin More Textured Wall

Benjamin Moore Textured Wall 2


In the conference room we used a grass cloth wallcovering by Cowtan and Tout. The Seagrass Lustre wallcovering was cut into squares. When it was hung, our craftsmen placed the squares in a pattern in different orientations. Because light reflections depend upon the direction of the weave, the wall looks like there are two different wallcoverings.

Grass Cloth Wallcovering by Cowtan and Tout

Seagrass Lustre Wallcovering by Cowan and Tout


The walls in the powder room are covered with another Cowan and Tout paper, Verve Pewter. It is a commercial vinyl which means it is 54” wide. It is beautiful and a very versatile paper.

Verve Pewter Cowan and Tout Wallcovering

Cowan and Tout Wallcovering Closeup


On our longest wall we had our craftsmen hand paint abstract swirls to create the movement of ribbon. They did not use tape to create this free flowing design — it was all done freehand! It adds color and dimension to the hallway, especially the way it wraps the corners of the walls.

Hand Painted Abstract Swirls on Hallway

Hand Painted Ribbons of Color


The crowning jewel of the new space is the floor in the Shop/Break Room. The floor is an epoxy by Sherwin Williams called ArmorSeal, which is a heavy duty floor coating. It is strong enough to drive a car on! Wearing spiked shoes so they wouldn’t slip and would have access to the nooks, crannies and corners, our craftsmen poured two colors directly onto the floor – mixing them with a squeegee and a roller as they maneuvered around the room. The epoxy cures chemically in three hours so they had to move quickly! The finished product creates the illusion of the ocean right in our office. It is truly amazing.

Armor Seal Epoxy by Sherwin Williams

Epoxy Floor Looks Like an Ocean


The decor of our office not only complements the industrial style of the historic district that we are located in, Scott’s Addition, but it also reflects our company and what we can do. Thank you to Pye Interiors and Dominion Construction Partners for helping bring our vision to life. If you want to see first hand any of these decorative techniques stop by!  We can create these designs in your home, studio or office.

HJ Holtz Renovated Office