For José Cocar, it’s satisfaction – not the devil – that’s in the details.

Cocar, who celebrated his 10th anniversary with H.J. Holtz & Son in July, came to the company with 12 years of experience, yet still went through the training process the firm uses for all new hires.

“I learned the system,” he says via a translator. “But I also make improvements, so I can do some things my way.”

Cocar primarily works on kitchen cabinet projects, where he follows company procedure for disassembling, cleaning, prepping, priming and painting. He is known in the company for taking good care to protect nearby surfaces – appliances, floors, countertops and backsplashes – as work is underway. He says the attention to detail he uses isn’t always noticed, but it’s always important.

“Other [painters] don’t always do the right thing, [and will] take advantage of people who don’t pay attention,” he says. “I want to make sure everything is good.”

Cocar says he strives to bring a positive attitude to work every day, setting aside non-work-related concerns before his day begins.

“I try to be relaxed and calm,” he says. “I try to leave [other] pressures outside, so I can focus on [what I’m doing].”

Cocar came to H.J. Holtz & Son at the suggestion of a friend, who was working for the company at the time. That friend has since left to start his own painting business and invited Cocar to come along. Cocar declined.

“I feel comfortable here; I want to stay where I feel comfortable,” Cocar says. “I’ve worked at other companies before, but never one like this. This is the best company to work for. Rick [Holtz, company president] treats us like family here.”