Recently we were privileged to be called upon to paint a historic home. Federal Hill is a beautiful house in Fredricksburg, VA. This late Georgian style house with Federal details is believed to be built in 1792 by Robert Brooke, the governor of Virginia from 1794-1796. He named the home “Federal Hill” after the Federalist Party which he helped found.

The house was built before the present-day Hanover Street, which explains its angular orientation. During the Civil War, the house was used as a field hospital by the Army of the Potomac. Confederate Major General Thomas R. R. Cobb, was killed defending the Sunken Road at the battle of Fredericksburg on December 13, 1862. The shot that killed him is said to have been fired from a cannon located at Federal Hill, where he visited as a child.

The home has had many owners over the years. However when the Lanier family purchased it in 1946, they completed many renovations while dually preserving the historical integrity of the house. In 1996, when Elizabeth Lanier died, she asked in her will for “the perpetuity of Federal Hill.” The house was unoccupied for many years until 2007 when the current owners Dr. and Mrs. Charles Maurer took on the challenge of living in Federal Hill with their family, while meticulously preserving the historical home. It is on the National and Virginia Registers of Historic Places.

H.J. Holtz & Son was contracted to paint the exterior of this historic home. Because of its registered significance, we had to submit paperwork to the state for approval of the specifications, colors and sheens before we could even begin the project. Once we were permitted to start, our partner Envirowash, applied a low pressure power wash to clean all of the previously painted surfaces and remove mold and mildew. Then our craftsmen thoroughly prepared the exterior of the home using a special bonding primer by Sherwin Williams to respond to previous paint issues which included excessive peeling. We then caulked and puttied to fill all voids and cracks in the wood surfaces. The original, but damaged railings of the house were repaired by applying a two part epoxy, which is flexible and resilient providing, a long lasting and effective cost of repair. A lift was utilized for the painting of the front side elevation; promoting efficiency and not disrupting the historical property with multiple ladder moves. We used over 18 gallons of Sherwin Williams paint on this project!

The painting of Federal Hill is the most recent example how our exceptional craftsmen use their experience and meticulous attention to detail to produce a beautiful, high quality result. We are continually exploring new techniques and technologies, educating our craftsmen, and refining our practices; then blending the knowledge with our multi-generational experience. It was such a privilege to work on a nationally registered historical home. H.J. Holtz & Son has the experience and tools to help you realize your vision. Call us or come visit our design studio and see all of the possibilities that we can create for your home.