Painting Furniture in New Spray Booth

The desire for us to paint furniture continues to increase as our customers are choosing to repurpose their furniture.  We’re enthusiasts of this concept so we’re excited to be doing more of it.  Some customers are interested in the environmental benefits — getting a second life out of something that is still sturdy, but looking a little worn out or dated. It is also economical to either acquire something used and “upgrade” through painting, or make something last longer than you expected. Either way it is certainly in line with “reduce, reuse, recycle!”


Other customers are excited by the design possibilities that painting furniture allows. Usually, you would have to embrace a room’s decor and you would have to search endlessly for a piece of furniture to compliment the room. By painting a piece of furniture to match your design, you are customizing your vision and life gets a whole lot easier.


In order to keep up with the growing demand, we recently added another spray booth to our shop. See what one of our experts, Mark Woodson, was recently working on below.



Mark has worked at H.J. Holtz and Son for seventeen years and has been spraying furniture for six of those years. There is an art to applying an even coat of paint on furniture. When Mark sprays he uses the rhythm of his hand and he goes with the flow, doing it all one swipe;  creating a gorgeous, revitalized piece of furniture.


For a beautiful, long-lasting finish, here are the key steps that Mark and our crew have perfected:

  • All furniture is cleaned with a mild detergent, sanded, caulked and puttied as needed. We repair or change any hardware if necessary.
  • We pay special attention to the type of wood and the overall condition of the piece. It’s important to evaluate what type of surface preparation is needed to ensure the furniture will look uniform when painted.
  • Multiple coats of primer are used and depending on the surface we use an acrylic, alcohol or oil based primer with sanding in between applications.
  • Spraying two coats of the customers desired color and finish completes the transformation. The majority of our customers want a high gloss finish, however we also use satin and semi-gloss as well.
  • After waiting the allotted time for the furniture to dry, we can transport your beautiful piece of furniture or cabinetry to your home or business.


As you look around your home or patio, see what your furniture pieces look like. Are they ready for a new life? If so Mark and the rest of our team are ready – just give us a call!