An underappreciated room in your home is the garage! You spend time in it everyday whether you are just passing through or working on a project in it. It can be used for storage, but it can also be used as an extension of your home. However you want to use your garage, we can help you transform it!

Painting your garage helps keep it clean and reflects the light so it brightens the space.

Concrete floors absorb light, while a painted floor reflects it, also creating a brighter room. Painting the garage floor also protects and makes it easier to clean.

Working together we can help you bring your vision to fruition. We collaborated with the homeowner and our local Sherwin Williams color consultant, Jack Nelson, to choose the perfect colors and materials for this project.

Painting your garage



Painting your garage

Painting Garage – In Progress


Painting Garage

Garage Steps and Door

Paint lower garage walls a dark color to camouflage marks.

In the images above we have painted the top of the wall a light color (Sherwin Williams Emerald Flat paint 0055 Light French Gray) which brightens the space. We painted a faux chair rail (Sherwin Williams Semi Gloss Extra White) so we could paint the bottom a darker color (Sherwin Williams Emerald Semi Gloss paint 6244 Naval) which will camouflage marks and scuffs. The ceiling is being painted with Sherwin Williams Flat 0077 Classic French Gray. The same color is being used on the garage door but in a Semi Gloss finish.

Paint lower garage

Garage Floor In Progress

Garage Floor

Epoxy Garage Floor Complete

Epoxy paint with added flakes creates interest and increases safety.

The floor had an existing coating that was peeling so we used a scarifier and a vacuum to remove it and get the concrete ready for new epoxy. We chose an epoxy paint because of its outstanding adhesion and its ability to stand up to hot auto tires. We put on two coats of pigmented epoxy and broadcasted a decorative flake in the second coat, followed by a final clear coat of epoxy to stabilize the flakes and seal the floor. The flakes add texture to the floor so it’s less slippery and adds interest. We used Pewter Blend Deco-Flakes and the Sherwin Williams color 6243 Distance on the floor.

Epoxy paint with added flakes

Painted Garage Steps

Painted Garage Steps

Organized, Painted Garage

Painted Garage

Painted Garage Project Complete

The final product is a beautiful garage which is also functional. Call us today to schedule a free estimate so we can help you transform your garage!