At H.J. Holtz and Son, we take painting seriously. We wouldn’t offer high-quality painting services without utilizing premium materials. When you combine our experience and expertise along with superior painting products and modern techniques, you get the standard of painting excellence that we expect to deliver for every project.

H.J. Holtz and Son is a certified painter of Fine Paints of Europe, a provider of the finest paints that are only sold by reputable, independently owned paint retailers. Our local independent dealer is Palette Paint. What makes these coatings different from others is that they are formulated from the finest ingredients and follow the highest standards that were established in the Netherlands, the world leader of coatings. The paints are imported from Holland and offer luxurious, long-lasting color.

Certified Painting Contractors

So what does it mean to be a certified painter of Fine Paints of Europe? Clients often ask the company for their recommendations on contractors who work with their paint products and specialize in their application. While some people may think that all it takes to paint a wall is a can of paint and a paintbrush, true painters know that there is much skill and technique involved. Fine Paints of Europe recognizes contractors who have a vision of excellence, appreciate durability and beauty and are experienced with their coatings.

That’s why the company launched its Certified Painting Contractor Program that provides clients with a source of carefully trained contractors who are familiar with Fine Paints of Europe. Contractors on this list are those that have experience using the coatings and meet the following standards:

  • Was nominated by a local Fine Paints retailer and confirmed to be a professional of good character.
  • Has worked with Fine Paints of Europe for at least 5 years.
  • Attended a weekend training session in Woodstock, Vermont where they were formally introduced to the paint families of Fine Paints of Europe and the best application techniques.
  • Provides clients with Fine Paints of Europe coatings at a fair price.

If you are considering having your home painted and are looking for a trusted, reliable contractor, why not put your trust in someone who is certified by the prestigious Fine Paints of Europe? Not only do you entrust your home and its end result to an experienced contractor, but also you receive access to premium paints and coatings. Your home will be bursting with color and personality, and the final result will be a long-lasting masterpiece that you can take pride in.

For more information about Fine Paints of Europe and its high standards for certified painters, visit or