Decorative Floor

Decorative Floors - Make a Statement a Whole New Way

If, as interior designers tell us, the ceiling is the fifth wall of a room, then certainly the floor is the sixth wall. It may not be at eye level, but the floor – and whatever covers it – is integral to a space, either supporting an overall design or making a statement all by itself.

RFM Wallpaper Article

Not Your Granny's Wallpaper

The August 2018 issue of Richmond Family Magazine includes an article from H.J. Holtz & Son about the ways homeowners can use wall coverings to brighten and update their living spaces.  “Not Your Granny’s Wallpaper” discusses industry…
High Gloss Blue Cabinets

Kicking It Up a Notch With High Gloss Paint

Homeowners looking for impact will be delighted with the high-gloss finishes offered by Fine Paints of Europe, which are used exclusively by H.J. Holtz & Son for gloss jobs. “There’s nothing better,” says company president Rick Holtz. “People just can’t believe what these paints can do.” Fine Paints of Europe (FPE), headquartered in Vermont, is the sole U.S. importer of paints and finishes made in the Netherlands by Wijzonol Bouwverven B.V. In Europe, the parent company’s focus is on pigments, which are sold worldwide.
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Painted Graphic Ideas for Home and Business

At H.J. Holtz & Son our talented craftsmen are often asked to create a painted graphic for our customers.  A painted graphic can be anything from a pattern to a stripe… whatever the customer desires! Below are some examples of what our…
Suellen Gregory Design Wallpaper Projects

Decorative Wallcovering Trends for Residential and Commercial Spaces

Did you know that “wallpaper” is no longer called “wallpaper?” It is now called “wallcovering” because there are so many different materials being hung on walls and ceilings! Adding wallcovering can add a pattern, texture, color,…
FPE Master Certified Painter

Master Certified Painter - Fine Paints of Europe

We recently earned a unique designation from one of our premier industry partners, Fine Paints of Europe. While we have been one of their certified painters (one of only 2 in the state of Virginia) since 2009, we have now been designated as…
Rick at Farrow & Ball

My Visit to Farrow & Ball Facility in England

When you see the name Farrow & Ball, it may conjure up images of expensive English designer paint and wallpaper. As a residential paint and wallpaper contractor, I am familiar with their products and would use them when I had to. I have…
Visual Basic Wallpaper Work
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Painting While You're On Vacation

As you look around your home, you realize that it is time for you walls to be repainted. Or you would you like to add wallpaper to your powder room. Or perhaps truly transform a room by painting the cabinets instead of replacing them. Maybe…

Ceiling Paint Ideas

Often our clients are looking for ceiling paint ideas (or even ceiling wallpaper ideas as you’ll see later in this post). To designers, the ceiling is often referred to as the “fifth wall.” The ceiling is just as important as any other…

Paint Stained Woodwork

The demand for our craftsmen to paint stained woodwork is increasing substantially here at H.J. Holtz & Son. Whether it is a wall, trim details, a bookcase or cabinets we can change the look of your home. A little paint can provide relief…