As the saying goes, the one thing constant in life is change.

At H. J. Holtz & Son we embrace change and think it leads to higher employee retention and customer satisfaction. Recently, we rearranged the duties of a few people and promoted several of our employees. Company president Rick Holtz says he is always happy when existing team members are able to reach into a new area or learn a new skill.

“We like to promote from within,” he says. “People who have been with us for a while know ‘the Holtz way’ and are comfortable with our processes and how we do business. Plus, it makes me happy as an employer to see someone stretch into a new position – to grow and develop with us.”

The update:

Sharon Carroll, Finance & HR Manager

While Carroll’s title hasn’t changed, she now handles all billing, not just wallpaper. The change was necessitated by the 2020 death of family member Carol Hudson, who had managed the bulk of billing as well as some project management duties.

Carroll says the additional responsibilities are manageable, but have a distinctive flow.

“I enjoy doing the billing,” Sharon says. “It is just a bit challenging at times because of the volume tends to be at the end of the month.”

Carroll has been with the company since fall 2014.

Holley Nilson, Project Coordinator

Nilson has occupied a variety of positions at the company in the past six years, managing Instagram, Facebook and blog posts. She shifted away from marketing into assisting with estimates. Now, she works exclusively with Rick Holtz, preparing estimates, coordinating and scheduling wallpaper installations, and other tasks as needed. Nilson says she appreciates being able to see the many facets of the business.

“My new position allows me to see most projects from beginning to end, which I love,” Nilson says. “I enjoy working with the designers, clients and the other members of the Holtz team. My goal is to make it a little easier for everyone involved in the process. I have learned so much, especially about wallpaper and the skills required to hang it. We have the most amazing paper hangers. They are just one of the many skilled craftsman that are a part of the Holtz team, and I have so much respect for all of them!”

Jose Orellana, Painting Foreman

Orellana, who has been with H.J. Holtz & Son for eight years, sought out the promotion to foreman because he felt he was ready to increase his responsibilities.

“I looked for this opportunity because I knew I could do it,” he says, adding that his goal is to ensure punctuality with every job and ensure the details are in place so clients are happy with the process as well as the product.

“I want clients to be satisfied,” he says.

Roxy Reyes, Project Manager

Reyes, who joined the company in fall 2019, has moved quickly from painter to foreman to project manager. She says she is thankful that she was approached to make the change, as it allows her the opportunity to work with more members of the Holtz team.

“Helping people brings me a lot of joy,” she says. “Now I have more responsibilities to help as much as I can.”

Rick Holtz says he’s thankful to have people throughout the company who take their jobs seriously.

“Every person on our team is important,” he says. “We are only as strong as our weakest link.”