Scenic painting is a naturalist style of painting that includes detailed scenes of landscapes such as meadows, farmland, sunny skies and bodies of water. Usually, the painting will capture one particular scene and everything in it like an abandoned farmhouse or wildlife. Scenic paintings are not hard to find. People have hung pictures like these in their homes for decades, so you can find traditional ones from your parents’ or grandparents’ homes as well as new paintings that are sold online or in stores.

If you love the look of a high-quality painting, consider a wall mural rather than a separate picture hung on the wall. A wall mural makes a bold statement in the home and demands attention. Rather than being a small picture hung somewhere, the scene can transform an entire room.

H.J. Holtz and Son is experienced in all types of painting techniques, including scenic painting. Our painters utilize the highest quality paints, and they are happy to work from a vision you have or a photograph that is dear to your heart. Your home will surely be a work of art – and this will be one painting that no one can pick up at the store.

Here are some ideas for scenic painting to inspire your own creation.

Mother Nature

The Earth is a wonderful palette for painters. There are expansive oceans, towering forests and barren deserts. Though you live in Virginia, you may have a longing to live in the warm, sunny desert. A scenic painting of cactuses, palm trees and sandy desert land is a beautiful fit for desert casita decor, and it will make you feel right at home. Look for other parts of Mother Nature that you can use for inspiration: oceans, mountain ranges, lush rainforests and cloudy skies.

Country or Farmland

Perhaps the idea of living in a quiet country setting is what makes your heart happy. Scenic paintings of farmland or country life offer a peaceful feel that many people find familiar. Tall grasses, lush green hills, animals in the distance and abandoned farmhouses are all details that can be included in a farmland scenic painting.

Four Seasons

Here in Virginia, we do see the four seasons, though it never gets particularly cold or snowy as with other parts of the country. If you are a fan of the four seasons, why not use the changing weather patterns as an inspiration for a scenic painting? Imagine what your favorite setting would be like like covered in snow or adorned in trees with changing leaf colors. A dusting of snow or a field of fresh flowers gives the scene depth and an interesting backstory.