Frank Cava, founder and principal of Cava Companies, a comprehensive real estate and property management firm, knew he needed H.J. Holtz & Son as the finishing touches were being added to his firm’s new headquarters.

“I didn’t want to pay to do it multiple times; I wanted to pay to do it once,” Cava says.

Cava had been introduced to the Holtz team through Avery Sefcik, a local designer and friend who was working with Cava and his wife in their personal home. “Avery had recommended Rick, telling me he’s not the cheapest, but he’s the best,” Cava says.

In the Cava residence, the Holtz team executed a variety of techniques, including paint, decorative finishes and lacquer. After seeing what was possible, Cava decided to hire the company again to create a dramatic office space for him, and to paint doors and trim, which are noticed and take a lot of abuse.

“I’ve been around painters for years,” Cava says. “The thing that caused me to use Holtz more than once is the process. They show up on time; they do an incredibly great job; and they clean up after themselves.

“For me, painting is like making sausage,” he adds. “It’s delicious when it’s finished, but the process is messy. The Holtz process isn’t.”

For his office, Cava selected Sherwin-Williams Bunglehouse Blue, a deep blue with gray undertones. The Holtz team painted every inch of the room, including a wall filled with shelves and cabinets. The effect is exactly what Cava was looking for.

“People come into my office and say ‘Wow,’” Cava says, grinning.

The Holtz team also painted an entryway in a separate Cava Companies building, a space featuring architectural design Cava describes as 1960s Eastern Bloc.

“I wanted [the foyer] to pop without ripping the stairs out, to unlock the hidden beauty of the building,” he says. “Most of what we do is restore and rehab and bring luster to forgotten-about properties. This is where it’s so critical to call someone with Holtz’ quality. They’ve been in business so long, they’ve seen it all and done it all.”

Cava says he appreciates the professionalism that the Holtz team brings to projects.

“Construction is a very complicated process, and the painting usually happens toward the end when you’re out of money and behind schedule,” he notes. “What’s great about Holtz is they’re able to work with you, often in a compromised work space, and give you an incredibly great product while being flexible. They talk to you and communicate when there’s a problem, and there’s always a problem. They give you the power to make decisions on your projects.

“I try to add value to my customers’ experience, to provide them with great service so they can’t not call me,” he adds. “What I notice with Rick [Holtz] is that I can’t not call Rick. He’s going to provide me with a level of service that I know is certain and is the best possible I can get. This is why we’ll continue to use them in the future.”