While many employees describe working for H.J. Holtz & Son to being part of a family, painter Juan Carlos Villanueva really is surrounded by relatives.

Cousin Oscar Ayala, who has been with the company for nearly a dozen years, initially recruited Villanueva. Now, Villanueva’s two sons – Miguel and Jonathan – are also painters with Holtz & Son.

“They work on other [painting] teams,” Villanueva laughs.

Villanueva, who assists with both interior and exterior jobs, says the in-house training that all Holtz & Son employees receive serves him well for the detail painting work that he prefers. The training also supports the company’s thorough approach to all its jobs.

“There’s a [level of] quality that we have: how we prep the areas, how we take care of [customers’] belongings, furniture, and other items,” he says.

Villanueva says he particularly enjoys working with Fine Paints of Europe, a high-end line of coatings that are preferred by designers and customers looking for a truly luxe and durable finish. H.J. Holtz & Son is recognized as a certified painter by Fine Paints of Europe. FPE coatings are “very delicate,” Villanueva says. “Not everybody can use it.”

And, yes, everyone in the company is treated like family, he says.

“I love working [here] because people are nice,” he says. “Other companies don’t work like this one. When you have to take days off, they give it to you without complaint or asking questions. They have your back.”