Fall is in the air! This is one of our favorite times of the year because the weather is at its best yet everyone is making the transition back to home. In the summer we tend to spend more time outdoors, traveling and attending summer barbecues, but in the fall, we’re found baking apple pies, carving pumpkins for the front porch and observing the leaves changing colors – all things that take place at the heart of home.

Another one of our favorite parts about the season: decorating!

Below are practical, fun and easy fall decorating tips for welcoming the season into your home with open arms!

Bring in Hints of New Color

Popular colors for autumn include shades of red, orange and brown. These also happen to be trendy colors in general, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding decor in these hues! Think: throw pillows, candlesticks, fresh/fake flowers, table accessories and accent rugs. Combine them into your home with a neutral or contrasting base that will have your home feeling cozy and fall-like in no time!

Add Natural Elements

Fall is tied to trees, leaves and seasonal flowers like mums and sunflowers. Combine natural or woodsy accessories that bring some of the outdoors in. For instance, clean out a dusty glass jar and fill it with dried flowers and twigs. Or, update your old potpourri with fresh acorns and cinnamon sticks. Other smart ideas include dried berries, small pumpkins and gourds, twine and wooden accent pieces.

Create a Soft Glow with Candles

Candles bring us warmth and subtle light, which is perfect for the fall season! You can purchase candlesticks in neutral colors and add colorful ribbon or accents, or you can keep them plain and buy the sticks in various colors. Flameless candles are also a great option because you can place them anywhere and not have to worry about the flame. Most are available in sets with the option to set a timer.

Implement Warmth

If your home still has a summery feel, it may be because you made it bright and airy for the summer. Implement warmth into your home by adding throw blankets to the couch, woolly rugs near the seating area and a basket of apples on the table. Seating should be faced close together so that people can talk. If you have a fireplace, arrange the seating around that for an ultra-cozy feel!